Genshin Impact sneakily adds new voice line feature to Character Banners in 4.4 update 1

The latest feature added to character banners in Genshin Impact update 4.4 lets players feel more excitement over pulling 5-star characters.

All Genshin Impact players know the thrill (or panic) of seeing the most-coveted golden shooting star when pulling on Wish Banners. Whether it’s the Banner Character or losing the 50/50 to a Standard Banner 5-star, it’s always a delight to see that beloved wish screen. 

Now, Hoyolab gave Genshin Impact players more “impact” when receiving their 5-star characters. With the latest 4.4 update, players will now hear a special character voice line along with the splash art banner when receiving a character. 

Genshin Impact sneakily adds new voice line feature to Character Banners in 4.4 update 2

Genshin Impact Players React to Xianyun Voiceline

As the newest character addition to Genshin Impact with the 4.4 update, Anemo Catalyst character, Xianyun is the first one to enthuse players with her Wish Banner voice line. 

Plenty of Genshin Impact players reacted to the surprising new feature. 

However, some players noted that the voice line is not unique to the banner. While it is indeed a new addition in 4.4 for characters to have a voice line on their splash art banner, the line that plays is the same greeting for characters acquired the first time.

Some Tiktok comments suggest that the Genshin Impact community is polarized by this new addition with some players noting that Xianyun’s voice line is “too long” and having “one word” as a voice line is enough. 

Meanwhile, other comments express that this could be a prelude to Genshin Impact’s anime adaptation, previously announced in late 2022. While other players were simply happy to hear the voice line, reminiscent of splash banners in other Gacha Games like Cookie Run Kingdom and Arknights. 

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