Titan Quest: Ragnarok

Titan Quest: Ragnarok has been released to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The new expansion for the action RPG features a new mastery for your heroes, a new level cap, a full story act with many new enemies and bosses to hunt. It also promises even better loot. Players must have the base game, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, to play the expansion.

The base Titan Quest game is set in ancient Greece, Asia, and Egypt. The action RPG comes from the minds of Ages of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and Randall Wallace, Braveheart writer. The Titans have broken free from their eternal prison, and are set on wreaking havoc on the earth. The gods have sought out a hero who might be able to turn the tide in the grand battle, which will determine the fate of both the gods and man. 

According to the official website, Titan Quest: Ragnarok continues its journey through the old world. The heroes of Hades have been called to the uncharted lands of northern Europe to take on a mysterious threat. New enemies, new powers, and treasures await the heroes brave enough to take on this challenge.  

Additional features of Titan Quest: Ragnarok includes:

  • Runemaster as a New 10th Mastery – The Runemaster is a magical warrior that fights using both weapons and spells
  • Players can combine Runemaster with existing Masteries for a total of 45 combinations
  • New and powerful gear will be available including Celtic shields and famous weapons of Germanic legend
  • New thrown weapons will strike a balance between speed and range
  • New charms and relics for crafting, with a new option to improve legendary items
  • Players’ characters can now reach level 85
  • Improved UI and combat feedback
  • Other Acts can be revisited to uncover new secrets and items
  • Character customization and Quality of Life have received improvements
  • A wider variety of color dyes and regional styles are available
  • Pants may be worn

THQ has also said the third expansion, Titan Quest: Atlantis is on the way to consoles. Titan Quest: Ragnarok is now available on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. For more information on this newest expansion for the action RPG, visit the official website.

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