Starport Delta

Cloudfire Studios launched its real-time space station strategy builder, Starport Delta, on Steam (PC). Mac and Linux ports of the game will follow.

In Starport Delta, players must build successful space stations so that their citizens can thrive. They will take on the role of the Empire’s troubleshooter and travel from station to station. Players must balance building, expanding, and defending space stations from timed and event-based disasters. They must utilize resources using smart station design and unique upgrades. Players will improve efficiency and design for negligent or understaffed or commanders. They’ll meet allies and foes along the way, while harvesting resources and expanding a network of buildings on their space stations. 

The features and dangers that players will encounter in space include:

  • The game features a campaign mode, competitive challenges, and free-play sandbox 
  • Three difficulty modes: Zen, which is a relaxing playthrough with no disasters, Easy for those who want to encounter small challenges and hazards along their journey, Hard for those who which to face any and every calamity that can happen
  • The ability to balance each station design between housing, mining, and trade
  • Players can manage infrastructure and defense expenditure
  • Rescue good citizens or airlock problematic residents and risk attracting space worms.
  • Players will have to evacuate citizens or risk loss of life when deadly radiation bursts occur
  • Automate building maintenance with slow repair drones or choose to micromanage.
  • Watch out for alien pirates. Resources may be stolen from the buildings that make up the space stations
  • Gargantuan space worms that devour everything and anything that wanders in their path
  • Space storms can deactivate various parts of stations
  • Meteor showers may rain down and destroy buildings that are left unprotected

Real-time space station strategy build, Starport Delta, has launched on Steam (PC). For more information on the game, visit the official website

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