Wuthering Waves CBT2 hailed for “absolutely amazing” loot collection tweak

Wuthering Waves CBT2 hailed for "absolutely amazing" loot collection tweak 1

Wuthering Waves’ second Closed Beta Test (CBT2) introduced a game-changing loot collection tweak that’s earning high praise from fans.

The CBT2 of Wuthering Waves has been a playground of innovation and refinement, with Kuro Game implementing significant upgrades and enhancements. Among these, a particular tweak to how loot is collected has captured the community’s attention, alongside the game’s enhanced parkour capabilities

The loot collection tweak has been praised by fans and content creators alike, with Wuthering Radio describing the new “collect all” feature as a “real game-changer.”

This innovative change allows players to hold down a button to collect all nearby items simultaneously, a simple yet highly effective tweak that significantly reduces the tedium of gathering loot. This adjustment, while small on the surface, has made a profound impact on gameplay, making exploration and combat more fluid and enjoyable.

But the loot tweak is just the tip of the iceberg. Fans are also praising several other CBT2 changes, such as the reduction in necessary material collections and the introduction of optional downloads for language packs, which significantly reduce storage bloat on devices.

Furthermore, the game’s parkour system has been upgraded, allowing for more dynamic and seamless exploration. Characters can now navigate the environment with greater ease, thanks to the ability to perform new maneuvers that prevent getting stuck on obstacles.

The update also includes a streamlined user interface, offering a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing experience. Menus, text, and transitions have been refined, demonstrating Kuro Game’s commitment to both functionality and design.

Puzzle elements within the game have seen a revamp as well, providing more variety and engaging challenges that keep players mentally stimulated. Wuthering Radio described the new puzzles as more engaging, activating “brain cells in a way that removes any sense of dread.”

The second Closed Beta Test of Wuthering Waves has not only addressed previous gameplay concerns but has also introduced a slew of enhancements that elevate the overall player experience.

From the loot collection tweak to the enhanced parkour system and beyond, these updates have set a new benchmark for the game, promising an even more immersive and enjoyable adventure for players upon its full release.

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