Launch Pads return in Fortnite Patch 11.50

Fortnite Launch Pads

Now almost a month after Fortnite Patch 11.40, the final patch of Chapter 2 – Season 1 has been released.

Launch Pads are back and will make their mark on Chapter 2 of Fortnite. Many mobility items, including Launch Pads, were vaulted in Fortnite Patch 11.0. However, now, after frequent complaints regarding mobility, Launch Pads will return to the game.

Launch Pads

This patch adds Launch Pads to all non-competitive playlists. Based on the performance of it in the standard game modes, there’s a possibility for it to be added to Arena playlists in the future, as well. Players will surely be excited to take to the skies again, now in Chapter 2.

Love and War

New challenges have also been released in Patch 11.50. These ‘Love and War’ challenges will begin based around the community-made LTM, Search and Destroy. Three challenges have been unlocked on day one: Plant or Defuse a bomb (2), Purchase Items from Vending Machines (5), and Place Top 15 in Duos or Squads with a friend (5). These challenges will gift various rewards to those who complete them, such as skateboard back blings, pickaxes, wraps, sprays, and XP. Players can check the challenges tab on Fortnite to get started on these quests.

Chaos Engine

Epic has also gone ahead and implemented in ‘Chaos Physics’ into the game in Patch 11.50. Upon release, this will be a beta version of the engine. They’ve stated that at the beginning, Fortnite should still feel like what you would expect. We should see the updates to this engine coming into the game slowly in the near future. Feedback will be closely monitored in-game using Fortnite’s feedback system.

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