Vtuber fans horrified after “brutal” NIJISANJI contracts leaked

Vtuber fans horrified after "brutal" NIJISANJI contracts leaked 1

NIJISANJI faces another issue after the Selen Tatsuki fiasco. This time, fans slammed the Vtuber agency after Legal Mindset revealed the details of NIJISANJI’s contracts. 

Earlier this year, the entire Vtuber industry and its fans were surprised by the sudden contract termination between NIJISANJI and Selen Tatsuki. What appeared to be a simple contract dispute became a tale of suggested bullying and legal squabble. 

And just when NIJISANJI and its devoted fans thought that the “war” was over and the dust had settled, the Japanese entertainment agency found itself yet again on fire after the revelation of a Vtuber’s contract terms and limitations within the agency. 

On March 6, 2023, lawyer and YouTuber Legal Mindset streamed “leaks” of NIJISANJI contract details for its Vtubers, and the company’s extremely restrictive terms garnered yet another round of criticism. 

NIJISANJI Vtubers only get half of their income as the agency takes a colossal cut

Among the most criticized aspects of the contract leak is how NIJISANJI takes a considerable cut from their talents.

On a Reddit post, a fan took note of the Legal Mindset stream and explained that “all income” of Vtubers, from subscriptions, donations, and supposedly even sponsorships, goes through NIJISANJI (and gets cut). 

Another questionable detail is that when a Vtuber gets their contract terminated (especially for those who violated the extensive restrictions under the contract), they owe NIJISANJI a penalty amounting to half of their income on the contract. 

Some fans commented that the contract terms are “absolutely brutal,” where the agency had more to gain in the partnership than the perks of being a NIJI Vtuber. 

Meanwhile, other fans slammed how Vtubers should procure their own streaming materials (desktop setup, microphone, and all necessary equipment), but these items are ultimately “surrendered” to NIJISANJI after contract dissolution. 

Another Reddit post contained a screenshot of what is supposedly a message for former NIJISANJI talent Zaion LanZa, where Vtubers are only expected to read through the contract for an hour before signing. 

This message led fans to believe that the Japanese agency expects their streamers to “blindly sign” contracts, probably because NIJISANJI is revered in the Vtuber industry. 

NIJISANJI and its affiliated Vtubers have yet to comment on the contract leaks.

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