Unexpected Vtuber debut smashes records with “insane” viewership

Unexpected Vtuber debut smashes records with "insane" viewership 1

The most-viewed Vtuber debut record is broken by an unexpected “new Vtuber” – Pekora’s real mom, Pekomama. 

It seems like Vtuber fans have a new streamer to watch, and it’s not as “conventional” as the usual persona debut you may know. 

Usada Pekora is one of Hololive’s biggest Vtubers, and as one of the top names in the game, you would expect her fans to be as loyal as they could be. While seasoned Vtubers helping their fellow agency-mates is nothing new, Pekora helped a “new Vtuber” skyrocket into raking in the most insane viewership for their debut. 

The newest Vtuber in the scene is Pekomama, Pekora’s real-life mother. Pekomama’s one-hour stream “debut” on Pekora’s official channel was spent talking about her interests and lifestyle. The entire stream is in Japanese and is available for viewing below. 

Pekomama’s “April Fools’” stream reaches 180k viewers, smashing records for Vtuber debuts

While most of Pekora’s fans knew that the “debut” was an April Fools’ schtick, most fans still eagerly engaged with Pekomama throughout the stream. The broadcast reached a whopping 180k concurrent viewers, setting a new record for the most live viewers of a Vtuber debut. 

Despite being a joke stream, Pekora and Hololive pulled all the necessary stops to welcome her mother warmly. There was even a full 2d Vtuber model from seasoned Japanese artists for Pekomama’s model.

Even if April Fools is done, Pekora and Pekomama fans can expect more from the duo and the new Vtuber. Some fans note that this will be the “official” model that Pekomama will use for future appearances in Pekora’s stream. 

While this is far from the first time a “Holomom” debuted, Pekomama’s massive success may set a tone for a new upcoming trend in the Vtuber scene. 

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