MidOne feeds first blood to low-ranked player in OG debut

MidOne feeds first blood to low-ranked player in OG debut 1

OG debuted their new lineup in the ESL One Los Angeles Major Open Qualifiers, and it started off in a comical way. Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng fed first-blood to a low-ranked player.

MidOne, Topson, and Saksa swarmed to the bottom lane before creeps had spawned. MidOne dived the tier-two tower to secure what seemed like a guaranteed kill. But it was all downhill from there. Topson and Saksa retreated, leaving MidOne behind. And in a flash of brilliance, a Guardian ranked Shadow Shaman held onto his first skill point and used it to skill Shackles and secured the kill under the tower. MidOne was tipped for his failed efforts. It was a hilarious start to the game.

OG bounced back and dominated the first five minutes. But the low-ranked stack, Back 2 Bulgaria, managed to secure another hilarious kill. The Archon ranked mid lane Invoker spotted SumaiL retreating in a direct line and picked him off with a well-placed Sunstrike.

OG went on to win 43 – 3 in an 18-minute stomp. But Back 2 Bulgaria can leave with their heads held high after making two big plays against the back-to-back TI champions.

The mismatch happened because open qualifiers are open to all teams. OG had no choice but to participate in them due to an extended break and a lineup change. It’s not the first time a top-tier team has had to make an open qualifier run. PSG.LGD had to do to qualify for The Leipzig Major last November. And in an astonishing turn of events, they bombed out in the round of sixteen.

OG has reached the round of sixteen and will continue its run tomorrow. It is expected that they will continue to dominate and earn themselves a place in the stacked ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Closed Qualifiers, which takes place between February 9 – 12.

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