Clash of Clans players torn over in-game chat additions

Clash of Clans players torn over in-game chat additions 1

The latest Clash of Clans update included a new Dark Spell addition, interface changes, and new chat colors that received mixed reviews from the player community. 

The 12-year-old strategy mobile game Clash of Clans never runs out of ways to keep its dedicated players committed – with constant troop additions, new bases, and even seasonal competitive events where clanmates can earn new equipment and gems! 

In the recent February update, Super Cell teased a brand new Overgrowth spell that players predict would overhaul the game’s current meta. But beyond the most-awaited dark spell, the devs behind CoC were also able to sneak a few interface changes, garnering mixed reactions from the community. 

Among the most distinct additions is that players can change the text color in the clan chat, introducing a pop of color to your in-game comms! 

While most players were enthusiastic to see a melody of color in their clan chat, some were adamant about change, as some clans “enforced” rules to ban members from using the new feature.

On the other hand, some clan leaders opted to use the feature to prank and poke fun at their members. Notably, red and green texts were exclusive to clan-wide announcements, role removals, and member removals. 

Meanwhile, text colors are just one addition to the update. Players were quick to notice (and be frustrated) over the in-game “ad placements.” There was a brief period after the update where Clash of Clans marketed their battle pass, Gold Pass, on the village upgrades, much to the dismay of some players. 

Clash of Clans devs soon removed the Gold Pass banner from the interface shortly after. 

Whether you love the new additions or not, the quick actions of the developers are a true testament to the fact that they listen to the player community. 

If you’re eager for some changes or suggestions for your Clash of Clans base, it wouldn’t hurt voicing it out as it seems Super Cell is keen to keep their dedicated players happy. 

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