Warzone Mobile criticized as “downgrade” from COD Mobile

Warzone Mobile criticized as "downgrade" from COD Mobile 1

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile faces criticism for being a “downgrade” compared to Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, the latest addition to the renowned franchise, was designed to bring the thrilling experience of the original Warzone to mobile devices. Featuring two primary game modes and cross-progression with other titles in the series, it aims to offer a comprehensive Call of Duty experience on the go.

A recent update aimed at fixing graphical issues on Android devices exacerbated the problem. Players reported that the graphics became “even worse” than before. This setback has added fuel to the fire, with the game’s Play Store ratings reflecting players’ growing dissatisfaction.

Players had high expectations for the game, as they had been waiting for two years since the beta first went live in 2022. Many were excited about this release, as it promised a smooth cross-progression from PC to mobile.

Despite high expectations, Warzone Mobile has encountered a wave of criticism from its player base, with many labeling it a “downgrade” from Call of Duty Mobile. Complaints range from gameplay mechanics to graphical issues, sparking debates across social media platforms.

One player articulated their disenchantment with the shift from COD Mobile to Warzone Mobile, pinpointing difficulties with movement and aiming precision. They remarked that moving to Warzone Mobile regrettably felt like a “downgrade,” voicing frustration over the apparent lack of optimization and the game’s failure to match COD Mobile’s smoothness despite developers having ample time for improvements.

Another player contrasted the two games’ reward systems, pointing out Warzone Mobile’s “extremely stingy and unrewarding progression” compared to COD Mobile’s more generous approach.

Discussing issues with movement and control, one player voiced their struggle with the game’s responsiveness. They stated that the game’s movement felt cumbersome and required considerable effort for actions like moving around the map, jumping, sliding, or dropshotting.

Warzone Mobile and COD Mobile low settings in menu comparison (Level Push)

Furthermore, concerns were raised about aiming accuracy and the lack of specific settings for firing sensitivity, underscoring the disappointment players feel, particularly compared to COD Mobile’s optimized mechanics and familiar maps.

Despite the overall negative feedback, some players found aspects of Warzone Mobile to be better than those of COD Mobile. For instance, the main menu was praised for its simplicity and ease of navigation, a stark contrast to COD Mobile’s cluttered interface.

As Warzone Mobile continues to navigate its early days, there is a glimmer of hope that the developers will address these concerns effectively, potentially enhancing the gaming experience for all.

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