Buzz’s “broken” Hypercharge ability in Brawl Stars dialed back before release

Buzz's "broken" Hypercharge ability in Brawl Stars dialed back before release 1

Brawl Stars fans breathe a sigh of relief as the developers adjust Buzz’s “overpowered” Hypercharge ability before it hits live servers.

Brawl Stars, the popular multiplayer online battle arena game by Supercell, is known for its fast-paced action and diverse cast of characters, each bringing unique abilities to the fray.

As the game gears up for its major Season 24 update, players have been eagerly anticipating the introduction of six new Hypercharge abilities, designed to supercharge brawlers with powerful buffs.

One Hypercharge ability, however, quickly stood out from the rest.

Buzz’s Hypercharge was flagged by content creators and early access players as being excessively powerful, labeling it “broken” and “overpowered.” This sparked concerns about game balance and the potential for Buzz to dominate the upcoming season after shooting to the top of our Brawl Stars tier list.

Addressing the community’s feedback, Adrian Haggqvist, gameplay designer for Brawl Stars, announced adjustments to Buzz’s Hypercharge.

“Wanted to quickly let you know, as we have the opportunity with the update maintenance, that we’ve decided to change Buzz’s Hypercharge slightly; You now only reset your super if you hit a wall, NOT brawlers,” Haggqvist tweeted.

“This keeps the original intent of adding mobility while removing the possibility of it being too oppressive. Keep the feedback coming, and hope you’ll enjoy the update!”

Haggqvist’s update was met with immediate praise from the community, appreciating the swift response to balance concerns.

Despite the adjustments, Buzz’s Hypercharge remains one of the top new abilities in Season 24, maintaining his enhanced mobility and damage potential.

While no longer able to stun lock opponents through repeated Super attacks unless against a wall, Buzz remains a formidable presence on the battlefield, capable of winning many 1v1 interactions.

The introduction of new Hypercharge abilities promises to shake up the Brawl Stars meta, offering new strategies and counters. Players will need to adapt quickly to the enhanced capabilities of their favorite brawlers, navigating the strengths and weaknesses of these powerful new tools.

As Season 24 unfolds, the Brawl Stars community will undoubtedly discover more about the impact of these changes. However, developers remain attentive to player feedback and are ready to make necessary adjustments.

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