Brawl Stars fans call for Supercell to stop "ignoring" underpowered Brawlers 1

Brawl Stars fans are raising their voices, urging Supercell to give much-needed attention to the game’s underpowered and often overlooked characters.

Unlike new additions like Kit, who arrive with considerable strength, older Brawlers like Hank, Frank, Bibi, and Doug seem to be left in the shadows. All four of these Brawlers are currently ranked at the very bottom of our Brawl Stars tier list, sitting in the F tier.

The community’s plea is clear: balance the playing field. While it’s exciting to welcome powerful new characters, players feel the older ones are being neglected.

Fans are calling for buffs to characters like Bibi, who has been awaiting a significant boost beyond minor health increases. The concern is not just about making these characters stronger but also about bringing diversity and balance to the game’s strategy.

A fan pointed out the delicate balance Supercell must strike, especially with characters that were previously overpowered.

The example of Frank was mentioned, with a player questioning if the balance team even remembers he exists. This sentiment reflects the community’s frustration with the perceived imbalance.

Players are also waiting for updates like new gadgets for characters like R-T, underscoring the demand for more comprehensive and frequent updates for all characters.

Another fan expressed dissatisfaction with the overall damage levels in the game, suggesting that nerfing top-tier Brawlers could be a solution.

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The issue extends beyond character balance. Fans express concerns about bugs in less-used characters, hinting at a lack of attention from the developers. This perceived negligence adds to the growing frustration within the community.

Supercell’s approach to character balance has been a hot topic, especially with the introduction of powerful characters like Kit, which many consider to be overpowered and disruptive to the game’s balance.

The community’s call for action is a reminder that in a game like Brawl Stars, every character matters, and attention to detail is key to maintaining an engaged and satisfied player base.

As the debate continues, the question remains: Will Supercell listen to their community and bring the much-needed balance to Brawl Stars? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear – the players are passionate and ready for change.

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