What is XP in Brawl Stars? Brawl Pass XP explained

What is XP in Brawl Stars? Brawl Pass XP explained 1

Brawl Stars transforms every match into a step towards brawling greatness, but what fuels this journey? Brawl Pass XP.

In the vibrant world of Brawl Stars, players engage in fast-paced battles, aiming to outsmart and outlast their opponents. This multiplayer online battle arena game, developed by Supercell, has captured the hearts of millions with its dynamic gameplay and colorful characters.

Today, we dive into the essence of progression in Brawl Stars: Brawl Pass XP. This system tracks your achievements and unlocks a treasure trove of rewards.

Have you ever wondered how every battle inches you closer to unlocking that next big reward? Brawl Pass XP is your answer, and understanding it could dramatically enhance your Brawl Stars experience.

Brawl Pass XP explained

What is XP in Brawl Stars? Brawl Pass XP explained 2

What is XP in Brawl Stars?

XP, or Experience Points, is the currency that fuels your progress through Brawl Stars’ Brawl Pass.

What is XP in Brawl Stars? Brawl Pass XP explained 3
 Brawl Pass in Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, XP serves as a cornerstone for player progression. It’s awarded for participating in matches, achieving new event milestones, and completing various in-game activities. This progression is visually represented in the Brawl Pass; a seasonal system offering tracks full of rewards.

The Brawl Pass system is divided into three main tracks: the Free track, the Brawl Pass, and the Brawl Pass Plus. Each track offers unique rewards, with the latter two providing additional bonuses, including exclusive Brawlers, skins, currencies, and a significant XP gain boost to those who purchase them.

Brawl Stars employs a system where the XP counter refills every 2 hours and 24 minutes, adding 20 XP up to a cap of 200 XP, or 40 XP with a cap of 400 XP for Brawl Pass holders. This mechanism encourages consistent play and strategic session planning for optimal progression.

How to earn Brawl Pass XP in Brawl Stars

Explore diverse methods to gain XP and propel your Brawl Pass progression to new heights.

What is XP in Brawl Stars? Brawl Pass XP explained 4
Brawl Pass

Earning Brawl Pass XP is a versatile endeavor designed to accommodate a variety of playstyles. From battling in events and leveling up Brawlers to completing Daily and Seasonal quests, Brawl Stars offers numerous paths to gather XP.

To amplify your XP gain, engage in new events for immediate rewards, utilize XP Doublers from the shop, and focus on quest completion. The game categorizes quests into Daily, Season, and Special Event quests, each presenting a robust opportunity to earn XP.

Finish Quests to gain XP

Quests in Brawl Stars serve as a vital conduit for accruing Brawl Pass XP, offering players tailored challenges that refresh daily, seasonally, or during special events.

What is XP in Brawl Stars? Brawl Pass XP explained 5
Brawl Pass Quests

From the moment you unlock quests at 60 trophies, a new dimension of gameplay unfolds, promising substantial XP gains for completed tasks.

  • Daily Quests: Refresh every day, providing quick challenges for extra Brawl Pass XP.
  • Season Quests: Available every Tuesday and Thursday, lasting the entire season and unlocking at 250 trophies.
  • Special Event Quests: Align with in-game special events, offering unique challenges.
  • Brawl Pass Exclusive Quests: Tailored for Brawl Pass holders, these quests offer exclusive rewards upon completion.

Additionally, quests come in varying sizes, with rewards scaling accordingly, offering players a strategic avenue to prioritize their gameplay around completing these challenges for maximum XP gain.

With the option to reroll quests you’re not keen on, the system provides flexibility, ensuring your questing experience is both rewarding and aligned with your playstyle.

By engaging with Brawl Stars’ XP and Brawl Pass system, and especially by capitalizing on Daily, Season, and Special Event quest, players can unlock a plethora of rewards, enhancing their gameplay experience with new Brawlers, skins, and more.

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