VCT Americas 2024: All Valorant Teams and Roster Changes 1

With the return of Valorant Champions Tour America on February 16, take a look at all the teams and roster changes seeing action for the premiere league of the famous first-person shooter game. 

Valorant’s VCT America is ready to give you nail-biter clutches, jaw-dropping headshots, and aces beyond your belief, with 11 teams competing for a chance to nab the most-coveted Valorant title. 

This year, each VCT Region will no longer have its own Challengers league. Instead, the top two teams in Kickoff will have the honor of representing their region in VCT Masters Madrid. 

VCT Americas Kickoff 2024 is set to see action on February 16. But before our favorite Valorant pro players in the region show us the most thrilling plays, let’s take a look at all the teams competing this season and their off-season roster shuffle.

Valorant VCT Americas: Teams and Roster Changes

100 Thieves Roster 2024

  • Asuna
  • bang
  • Cryocells
  • eeiu
  • Boostio

One of the most consistent teams in the region, 100 Thieves fans await the moment they finally lift their international trophy. Three of their 2023 roster members stayed with the team: Asuna, Bang, and Cryocells

The team acquired former A-tier initiator eeiu and VCT Champion Boostio from Evil Geniuses. 

Cloud9 Roster 2024

  • Xeppaa
  • jakee
  • vaniety
  • OXY
  • wippie

This well-loved team across many leagues had one of the most surprising separations of the 2023 season. After acquiring Game of The Year awardee yay, the team released him after only one tournament due to a “conflict with roles” in the team.

Cloud9 only retained jakee and Xeppa, recruiting former Shopify Rebellion IGL vanity, duelist OXY, and flex player wippie, both from G2 Esports. 

Evil Geniuses Roster 2024

  • jawgemo
  • Apoth
  • NaturE
  • supamen
  • Derrek

VCT Champions 2023 shook the Valorant esports scene after not coming to terms with its trophy-winning roster. Only jawgemo returned to the organization for 2024.

The duelist-controller will try to replicate their success with the new additions of Apoth, NaturE, supamen, and Derrek

VCT Americas 2024: All Valorant Teams and Roster Changes 2
VCT 2023 Champions MVP, Demon1, left Evil Geniuses after off-season roster shuffle

FURIA Roster 2024

  • Khalil
  • mwzera
  • liazzi
  • havoc
  • kon4n

Another team under a rebuilding phase is Brazil’s FURIA Esports. Khalil and mwzera decided to stay with the organization. The two will be accompanied by fellow Brazilian pro players, liazzi, havoc, and their former substitute kon4n

G2 Esports Roster 2024

  • JonaP
  • neT
  • trent
  • valyn
  • leaf

Many have not expected G2 Esports to play in this year’s Americas League. But after VCT Ascensions winner The Guard dissolved its team and forfeited its slot in the tournament, G2 took the spot and acquired most of their roster. 

G2 Esports debuts in the league with JonahP, neT, trent, valyn, and former Cloud9 player leaf.

KRÜ Esports Roster 2024

  • Klaus
  • Melser
  • keznit
  • mta
  • Shyy

KRÜ Esports 2023 core team, Klaus, Melser, and keznit aims to pave a new road to redemption as they stay with the Latin American organization. New additions to the roster include mta and former Leviatán player Shyy

Leviatán Roster 2024

  • Aspas
  • kiNgg
  • Mazino
  • tex
  • C0M

Former LOUD star player Aspas finds a new home in another Brazillian org in Leviatán. The org also retains IGL kiNgg and Mazino from its 2023 roster. 

The Latin-American org recruits Northern American victors with tex from Ascension-winning The Guard, and reigning VCT Champion, C0M, of Evil Geniuses. 

VCT Americas 2024: All Valorant Teams and Roster Changes 3
Former LOUD duelist Aspas takes his talents to former rival Leviatán in VCT 2024 Season

LOUD Roster 2024

  • cauanzin
  • Saadhak
  • tuyz
  • qck
  • Less

LOUD is one of the most-loved and dominant teams in the league, being crowned as VCT Champions in 2022. The organization had one of the most controversial off-season separations as former star player aspas left LOUD after two seasons with the team. 

It was announced that Furia player, qck, joined the team last November 2023. 

MIBR Roster 2024

  • artzin
  • mazin
  • Jzz
  • frz
  • RgLM

Another Brazilian organization in the league, MIBR, hopes to show its fans a better season with the addition of artzin from VCT Ascension Americas and mazin from VCT EMEA’s Furia. 

MIBR retains Jzz, frz, and RgLM in its helm. 

NRG Roster 2024

  • Marved
  • Victor
  • carshies
  • Demon1
  • Ethan

One of the teams that shed off its 2023 roster, NRG bid goodbye to ardiis, s0m, and FNS. NRG recruits Marved from Sentinels, reuniting him with former Optic teammates, Victor and crashies.

The organization also struck gold when they acquired VCT Champions 2023 MVP Demon1 and fellow VCT Champion, Ethan, in what may be the most shocking off-season roster shuffles in Valorant history.

Sentinels Roster 2024

  • TenZ
  • Pancada
  • zekken
  • Sacy
  • johnqt
  • Zellsis

There is no denial that despite the tumultuous season for Sentinels last 2023, there are plenty of fans still sticking to the first VCT Masters’ side. 

Sentinels mostly retained their 2023 roster with TenZ, Pancada, Sacy, and zekken. After Marved’s departure to his former squad, NRG, Sentinels acquired former M80 IGL johnqt. Flex player, Zellsis, also reunites with Sentinels as their sixth man. 

VCT Americas 2024: All Valorant Teams and Roster Changes 4
Valorant superstar, TenZ, has been with Sentinels since 2021

Are you ready to witness greatness from the American region? Get ready for the action unfolding in Los Angeles, starting February 16. Stay tuned with the schedule, upcoming matches, and results – only on Level Push.

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