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Riot’s tactical shooter, Valorant, just came out of beta a few days ago, and players are still finding bugs that are potentially game-breaking. Cypher was at the center of many of the game’s exploits during the game’s beta, and it looks like things haven’t really changed since the game was officially released.

This latest exploit once again involves the agent’s camera ability, and this time, it seems to be specifically tied to “Bind,” the only map in the game that features teleporters. The Reddit user who posted the bug attached the camera just outside the door of the teleporter next to hookah. When tapping into the camera, the player presumably fires the tracking dart and is able to open the teleporter door from the outside, allowing them to more effectively control the choke point.

Cypher cam trick to open the Bind teleporter from the outside
by u/lodi01 in VALORANT

The thread is quickly gaining attention. One user responded, “thx bro, used it in a match already we got hooka control i juist went inside tp and got a free kill.”

Another user said that the exploit is also doable with Sova’s drone, as they explained, “you can do this with sova from a…. get your drone and fly thru teleport. you can open door then for your mate.”

This isn’t the first time exploits involving Cypher’s camera were found. Early on in the game’s beta, players found a way to attach pistols to Cypher’s camera, allowing them to get easy kills on unsuspecting opponents. The bug went viral and Riot quickly released a hotfix that quelled the issue.

Players found a multitude of exploits all throughout the game’s closed beta phase, and it’s probably safe to assume that exploits will continue to be found in the early stages of the game’s lifecycle, especially if Riot continues to introduce new agents into the mix.

Riot has yet to acknowledge the bug, and it remains to be seen how long it’ll take for the issue to be fixed.

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