Valorant skin preview turns heads with Riot employee's 'demon' aim 1

After the release of Valorant’s newest skin bundle, the first-person shooter playerbase was both delighted and confused by the flicks and headshots on the XERØFANG skin line preview. 

It’s that time again when Valorant players yearn to spend their bucks on another stunning skin line. The XERØFANG skin line is inspired by the Lunar Year of the Dragon and features an eye-catching upgrade to your Vandal, Ghost, and Melee. 

But beyond praising the cosmetics, Valorant players were quick to notice the immaculate aim in the skin preview clip. In the sample video, the player seemingly decimates their opponents with quick flicks and headshots that could come from a VCT Pro. 

The Valorant community had several whimsical remarks, including noting that the preview video shows much better gameplay than “half of the game’s playerbase.” 

Valorant’s XERØFANG skin preview turns (and shoots) heads

The video also gathered reactions and praise on Reddit. One post called the Riot Games employee behind the preview a “demon aimer,” even without a crosshair.

However, some of the commenters have their own theories on why the clip shows a nearly faultless aim. One Reddit user suggested that the skin previews could be recorded with a special version of the game that allows aimbots (hacks that let players shoot heads with ease.) 

byu/goodrngkippei from discussion

Meanwhile, other comments prefer to take things lightly and poke fun at the impressive video. Some say that the Valorant employee behind the video is “trying to get to the Pro scene in 2025.” 

Whether or not the XERØFANG skin line features high-caliber gameplay, Valorant players surely would want to replicate the aces and the headshots with the latest dragon-inspired skin line. 

Would you be trying to hit heads like a pro – or the preview, with this new skin line?

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