Valorant players outraged after $20 Duo’s Day bundle initially announced as free


Valorant players express their frustration as the Duo’s Day bundle, initially announced as a free item, was later released with a $20 price tag.

Valorant is a 5-vs-5 competitive first-person shooter (FPS) first introduced by Riot Games in 2020. This game is packed with agents with various skills and guns that players could master. Besides the gameplay, players enjoy the different gun skins and buddies, which are released occasionally.

Many players were looking forward to Valentine’s Day in Valorant due to the new bundle the game would be releasing. The Duo’s Day Capsule contains three player cards, three titles, two sprays, and a gun buddy. This was specially dedicated to those who play in duos.

However, Valorant is now facing backlash from its players as this bundle was supposed to be free, according to a now-deleted tweet. As stated in Valorant’s tweet on February 13: “Link up and lock in for Duo’s Day-just log in between 2/13 – 2/28 to get your dynamic and adorable Gun Buddies, animated Player Cards, and Sound effect Sprays.”

The X user was extremely upset with this, as the Duo’s Day bundle has a price tag attached to it on release. It costs a total of 1,650VP, approximately around $20, and items included cannot be bought separately.

Valorant players are now divided over the topic. Some would still buy the bundle due to the adorable inclusions, while others believe that it is too overpriced for what it actually contains. They expected that it would at least be around 600VP instead of the 1,650VP, believing that the additional titles made the price go up.

Another X user shared their disappointment with the Duo’s Day Capsule, stating they’d have to pay $20 for a couple of player cards and a gun buddy. They also commented on the fact that the title was just “<3” instead of an actual heart emote or icon. They shared that decent gun skins cost around $100, while knife skins were around $50, showing the continuous increase in price.

Duo's Day Valorant Right Card
Duo’s Day Right Card

Others think that the social media manager could have made a mistake on the Duo’s Day tweet. The wording in the initial tweet made it sound like it could be claimed for free.

Other players agreed that it was most likely a mistake and pointed out that this was never supposed to be free, as animated player cards, reactive gun buddies, and sprays with sound usually come with a price.

Whether or not it was a mistake on the Valorant team’s part, many players were still disappointed. Others still opt to buy the bundle because it is a limited edition and cannot be bought again after a certain time period. The Duo’s Day Capsule will be available from February 13 to February 28.

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