Paper Rex beats out Sentinels to become the most popular VCT Team Capsule Bundle

Paper Rex beats out Sentinels to become the most popular VCT Team Capsule Bundle 1

Valorant’s top-ranking VCT Team Capsule Bundle hails from the Pacific’s favorite team, with the recent VCT Masters Madrid as a close second.

Esports may be a rising and lucrative business for outsiders, but the pro gaming scene has shown its ups and downs and shaky stability in recent years. Riot Games’ solution to the longevity of its Valorant Esports teams is introducing a way for fans to support their beloved teams: the VCT Team Capsule Bundle. 

As the sales of VCT Team Capsule will be split evenly between the pro organizations and Riot Games, the marketing strategy for the bundles became as fierce of a battle as the ones waged on the tournament stage. 

A month after the team-branded Classic skins were released, the head of Valorant Esports announced the most popular bundles among Valorant players, with Pacific’s Paper Rex rising to the top of the ranks. 

VCT Teams continue battle after Masters Madrid, this time in Team Bundle sales

While Leo Faria did not disclose the popularity metrics or whether the Paper Rex bundle tallied the most sales, many Valorant and pro team fans quickly jumped in on the news. Two of the VCT Masters Madrid semi-finalists are going head-to-head in the battle for the most bundle sales. 

Aside from their race to sell the most bundles, Paper Rex and Sentinels fought a tight lower finals match in VCT Madrid. The North American team commanded the best-of-five match, winning three maps to Paper Rex’s sole Split win and advancing to the Masters Madrid grand finals. 

Among the most noteworthy marketing strategies for the VCT Team Bundle comes from Sentinels’ flex player, Zellsis. The American player cemented his title as the “Vibe Merchant” after his humorous ways of promoting the Sentinels Bundle, including bringing a banner on official games to going full-time marketing team on social media. 

Meanwhile, Paper Rex has its own one-woman wonder in marketing: former duelist Jingg’s mom. Lovingly called “Auntie” by pro players and Paper Rex fans, Auntie Pearl has worked hard to promote the PRX Bundle on social media. 

As the announcement was made before the VCT Masters Madrid finale, the redemption win of Sentinels may also cause a surge in their VCT Team Capsule bundle sales. 

All VCT Team Capsules are available in the Valorant store all year round for the rest of the 2024 Season. 

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