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VALORANT’s newest agent, Raze, has been a bit of a hot topic amongst streamers since the launch of the game’s closed beta earlier this week. As the game’s explosives expert, all of Raze’s abilities have the potential to deal damage, which makes her a bit of an anomaly when compared to other agents on the roster, who for the most part, feature utility-based abilities.  

This dichotomy came to a head during a show match on Twitch that pitched a team of VALORANT developers against high-profile streamers. One of those streamers happened to be Jaryd “summit1G” Lazar, who found out first hand just how frustrating this agent can be to play against. 

During the second game of the match, multiple deaths at the hand of Raze caused the prolific streamer to take his rant game to another level.

In round five, summit finds himself defending point A on his own, only to get destroyed by a soaring Raze, who rains down a rocket from mid-air. The dejected summit shouts, “Dude, this f*ckin rocket sh*t is the stupidest thing I have ever seen!” He continued, “I thought this sh*t was supposed to be utility, man! That looks like a little, a little bit more, dude!” A few moments later, summit says, “the whole character needs to be deleted. The entire character goes against exactly what was said the game would be.”  

Later on in the same game, with his team down 5-10, summit is attacking B with his team, only to get caught in the blast radius of one of Raze’s grenades. With tensions rising, summit starts to dig a little deeper and gets into what makes Raze so devastating. “Like, who gives a f*ck about what everyone else is doing right now? Just everywhere I go into these chokepoints, I’m met with nades and rocket launchers.”  

Two rounds later, with his team down 5-12, summit reaches his breaking point. With yet another death coming from an airborne Raze, a disgusted summit glares at the camera and exits the frame. 

After the game’s completion, summit’s epic rage fest hits its crescendo. As Michael “shroud” Grzesiek tries to stay positive about the overwhelming abilities of Raze, summit loses it. “That’s the stupidest character I’ve ever seen. I would have tested that thing in my sleep without even getting on a computer and coulda told that was a stupid f*cking character. This guy is flying through the air like I’m playing f*cking Quake, bro!”   

Summit definitely has a point here. As mentioned earlier, Raze feels at odds with the other agents in the game because all four of her abilities are able to deal damage. VALORANT’s Game Director responded to summit after the match.

Throughout all this though, summit has largely been positive about the game so far. It’s more than likely that he’ll continue streaming VALORANT, especially since he’s been consistently netting over 200,000 viewers per stream.

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