Valorant’s free Shorty skin gets an unexpected visual upgrade 1

Valorant players and Viper mains rejoice as the latest patch notes include cosmetic updates to the Agent’s signature shorty. 

If there is anything more delightful than clutches or clip-worthy aces for a Valorant player, it’s getting a new gun skin. Whether you’re a gun-skin aficionado or not, all Valorant players will rejoice in the incoming 8.02 patch of the first-person shooter game as Viper’s Snakebite shorty gets a stunning new upgrade. 

One of the most well-loved signature gun skins in the game, the Viper Snakebite Shorty fits the Agent’s fierce green aura perfectly. The new art upgrade takes its fiery appeal to the next level with new definitions and an overall better appearance. 

Beyond the skin upgrade of Viper’s signature pistol, Riot Games also announced that the Controller’s skills have amped up visuals. Among the patch notes is an upgrade to Viper’s Poison Cloud (Q) visuals and more visibility on the Decay Debuff. 

How to get Valorant Viper’s Snakebite Shorty 

All signature Agent guns can be acquired in two ways – buying the levels with Kingdom Points (in-game currency) or buying the Agent contract with real money. Kingdom Points can be used to buy a variety of in-game cosmetics, sprays, titles, and banners and can be collected by finishing Daily or Weekly Missions. 

The Viper Snakebite Shorty is available at Viper’s Tier 10 level, which costs 8,000 Kingdom Points from Tier 9 or 47,000 Kingdom Points from Tier 5. 

Do you love the new Viper Shorty Skin upgrade, or do you prefer the classic one? Let us know in the comments below. 

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