Valorant fan stumbles upon possible new map “Bastion” in coding experiment

Valorant fan stumbles upon possible new map "Bastion" in coding experiment 1

A Valorant player was busy with a coding experiment until they stumbled upon a potentially new map called “Bastion.”

Valorant is a free-to-play 5v5 first-person shooter (FPS) developed and published by Riot Games, the same creators of the popular MOBA game League of Legends. In Unrated or Competitive, players can queue with their friends or random people and battle it out in random maps.

Currently, seven maps can be played in the standard game modes: Ascent, Bind, Breeze, Icebox, Lotus, Split, and Sunset. Pearl, Haven, and Fracture are out of the rotation but can still be played in a custom match. The Team Deathmatch released in version 7.0 also has its own maps based on the standard maps. Four maps are available: District, Kasbah, Piazza, and Drift.

Valorant is currently focused on giving teasers and hints on the new Agent 25, which they plan to release sometime during VCT Masters Madrid. There hasn’t been any official talk regarding a new standard map, but a player discovered a new possible map during their coding experiment.

They shared that they were coding a web crawling bot for their client. The bot downloads and indexes content to learn what a webpage is about. As they’ve been a Valorant player for a while, they thought to use the web crawler on its website.

They believed that the bot did well but were missing many images from the website. They only had the thumbnail, which prompted them to go further in the code page and acquire the complete version.

The bot was able to get all the maps as a wallpaper, but they only saw Icebox, Ascent, Split, Bind, and Haven on the website. Among the wallpapers, there was a specific one named “ValorantWallpaper_Bastion_thumbnail.jpg.”

The Reddit user assumed that the website was being updated at the time and the missing maps were being added as wallpapers. They believed that it was still being updated and that these wallpapers weren’t available to the public yet, but could’ve been available for a short time in a specific location. They shared that the bot used a proxy list, which allows it to simulate any location in the world.

Valorant Bastion
Bastion map (u/Impossible_Ad1362)

The mountain in the background reminds me of Fracture, which made me think this could possibly be a Team Deathmatch map version of it, but the “A” graffiti in the middle makes me believe otherwise. Standard maps also have the theme of being based on actual locations, and it can be seen in the poster that Bastion has “#France.”

The last standard map released was Sunset, which was released in patch 7.04 on August 29, 2023. So, there’s a possibility that this would be a new standard map, but it wouldn’t be released anytime soon as Valorant is focusing on Agent 25.

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