Valorant’s “badly designed” esports calendar slammed by coaches

Valorant's "badly designed" esports calendar slammed by coaches 1

After Valorant VCT Kickoff 2024’s first eliminations, pro players and coaches soon realized the negative impact the “badly designed” schedule could have on the teams. 

The premiere Valorant pro tournament is finally back, with the Valorant Champions Tour Kickoff tournament currently seeing action across four regional leagues. This is after a long five-month off-season period since the culmination of VCT 2023 last August. 

However, the competition did not last long for some teams. Given the format of this year’s Valorant pro scene, some teams bid an early goodbye to the pro tournament stage only after two games. 

Since the announcement of this year’s format, many players and fans have already voiced out their concern over the limited playtime lowest-ranked teams would experience. And it seems like the truth of the consequences has finally sunk in with coaches and players after the first elimination rounds of the VCT Kickoff.

On a social media post on X by VCT Americas NRG Head Coach Chet, he details that the recently eliminated 100 Thieves would have to face a couple of months of yet another dormancy. This is after the organization waited six months since VCT Americas Last Chance Qualifiers to see the pro play stage once again.

The replies have also stated that the long rest periods between tournaments have also affected second-tier Valorant teams in Challengers. NRG Chet details that M80 last played on VCT Challengers in July 2023 and would still have to wait until March to play their first game of the season.

Many 100 Thieves fans are also sad to see their favorite team bow out early in the competition. Their fans would also have to wait until VCT Americas League Play in April to see their beloved Valorant pros compete again. 

For the team, 100 Thieves Head Coach Zikz expressed sadness over the results but believes that they could show up better in the upcoming tournaments of the season. While the coach assured fans that they would be back in better form, the players themselves only had a short remark of “GGs” over the early end of their first 2024 VCT Tournament. 

With the future elimination matches of VCT Americas Kickoff, 100 Thieves will soon be not alone in this dilemma.

The team, the fans, and even their organization could only use the two-month break with hopes of a better outcome in the VCT Americas League tournament.

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