PUBG Update 7.2

The PUBG Update 7.2 will hit PC live servers on May 20, 2020, with console and Stadia live servers to follow on May 26, 2020. The new update features Ranked Mode, the Jerry Can, a reworking of the shotgun and weapons balancing.

PUBG Update 7.2 content is currently available on the PC Test Server right now. The developer has lowered the Survival Mastery level required to play Ranked Mode on the test server to level 1. Normal matches with bots will open up on the test server from May 15, 2020, at 1:00 am ET.

In Ranked Mode, players can play under a more competitive and different set of rules. All of the action is tracked and rewarded under a new system. Ranked Mode will have 64 players, no Red Zones, and will focus on making the best loot available. Survival Title will go away, but the developer will preserve all stats. Bots will be available in update 7.2, but not available in Ranked Mode. The developer has explained their intention in adding bots and plans on making improvements to how they work. 

The Jerry Can is even more dangerous. It can now be thrown and has new capabilities based on the fuel inside. The fuel spills where it lands. Players can use the fuel from the can to create puddles to set up some potential mayhem, as long as the pool has not evaporated. They can ignite spilled fuel with Molotovs, explosions, and gunfire. 

Shotguns now do 1.05 times damage to the limbs (up from 0.9 times) and 1.5 times damage to the head (up from 1.25 times). There is a reduced accuracy penalty during movement, better hip-firing accuracy, and less damage drop at range. The developer has slightly adjusted weapons to balance out gameplay styles. Popular assault rifles have reductions in recoil. The M416 will have a reduction in base damage and other changes.

For more information on the PUBG Update 7.2, players should visit the official PUBG website or follow the game on Twitter.

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