xQc blasts Twitch streamers for silence on new "implied nudity" meta 1

Streaming star xQc has called out popular Twitch streamers for their silence on the platform’s controversial ‘implied nudity’ meta, a stark contrast to their previous stance against gambling content.

During his latest stream, xQc didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the new Twitch trend, which involves content that suggests nudity without explicitly showing it.

This comes in the wake of Twitch’s short-lived policy change allowing ‘artistic nudity,’ a move that caused significant uproar and was quickly reversed.

xQc highlighted the hypocrisy he perceives in the streaming community, particularly targeting those who were vocal against his gambling streams but are now mute on the nudity issue.

“These days, dude, if I say one thing and there’s a woman involved, you’re anti-woman, you’re a misogynist, you’re whatever. But I won’t tweet this, okay? I’ll tell you this right now,” he remarked, expressing his frustration with the current online discourse.

“The way people are banding together and being like, ‘Oh dude, all this titty new content, all you have to do is not watch.’ Where was this energy back then? Because it wasn’t there at all,” he continued.

xQc’s criticism is particularly poignant given his history with gambling streams and the backlash he faced, especially from figures like Pokimane, HasanAbi, and Mizkif, among many more.

This group of streamers had previously condemned gambling content for its potential harm to the community, yet xQc believes they haven’t kept that same energy when it comes to the new “implied nudity” trend.

“Everybody banded against all types of content that we were doing, like, ‘Yo dude, the children, dude.’ And like, ‘Oh, but dude, it’s 18 plus, and we have the filter on, it says 18 plus, plus the mature filter.’ Right? Not good enough. And now the argument is just, ‘Don’t watch.’ Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha,” xQc added, pointing out the seeming double standards in the Twitch community’s response to different types of controversial content.

As Twitch continues to navigate its policies on content and community standards, xQc’s outspoken stance highlights the ongoing debate and division within the streaming community.

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