Twitch fans demand action against distracted streamers like Knut for dangerous driving 1

Twitch viewers are questioning the platform’s handling of streamers who are driving while distracted by their phones and streams after a recent clip of popular streamer Knut has gone viral.

The clip, which shows Knut frequently checking his phone while driving on a highway, has sparked a heated debate on Reddit.

A user’s post, titled “Why does Twitch always turn a blind eye to distracted driving?” has become a focal point for discussion, highlighting a growing concern within the Twitch community.

One commenter expressed frustration, saying, “Maybe it’ll finally be enforced when someone gets killed. Some chick in the past year already ran over a dog on stream doing exactly this, I guess that wasn’t enough for a TOS revision.”

This sentiment reflects a broader worry that Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS) regarding distracted driving are not being adequately enforced.

The issue isn’t just about breaking Twitch’s rules; it’s about public safety. A concerned viewer remarked, “How hard is it to just pay attention to the road for the time you are operating a large metal speed machine that kills people every day. Fuck people who do this.” This comment underscores the potential danger distracted driving poses to the streamer and others on the road.

Knut’s behavior on stream has also been criticized for its impact on his interactions. One viewer noted, “I’ve noticed that Knut especially can’t do anything on his stream without looking at his phone/chat. Literally every single IRL he does he’s staring at his phone even when talking to people at a restaurant or getting his haircut earlier today.”

This controversy isn’t isolated to Knut. Twitch has faced criticism for inconsistent enforcement of its guidelines in the past, as seen in the cases of Adin Ross and Amouranth. Both streamers were involved in incidents related to distracted driving, raising questions about Twitch’s moderation practices and the preferential treatment of certain streamers.

More recently, ExtraEmily received an 18-hour Twitch ban after she was seen on stream texting while driving. ExtraEmily later reacted to the ban, sharing, “I completely understand why I was banned because I was looking at my phone while driving and from that ban, I have learned from my mistake and I’m going to make sure I grow from it and not look at my phone ever again while streaming. “

“So all I have to do is just turn off the phone screen, I don’t have to have a phone in my hand.”

As the debate continues, the Twitch community is calling for a more consistent and stringent enforcement of rules regarding distracted driving.

The safety of streamers and the public is at stake, and the platform’s response to this issue will be closely watched by viewers and content creators alike.

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