The Finals Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes: Weapons & Gadgets Balance Changes 1

Embark Studios’ popular free-to-play FPS, The Finals, has rolled out its latest update, 1.5.5, focusing on refining gameplay balance and enhancing player experience with crucial bug fixes.

In this update, Embark Studios has placed a significant emphasis on weapon and gadget balance. Notable changes include the reduction of invulnerability duration following revivals, a move that’s likely to impact the pace and strategy of gameplay.

Additionally, several weapons have undergone adjustments to ensure fair play and competitiveness, including the .357 Revolver, CL-40, and the FCAR.

These adjustments, along with the modifications to the MGL32 and Throwing Knives, are clear indications of Embark Studios’ commitment to maintaining a dynamic and balanced combat experience in The Finals.

The Finals Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes



  • Decreased the length of invulnerability applied after a revive to 0.75s from 1.5s


  • Decreased the length of invulnerability applied after a revive to 0.75s from 1.5s


.357 Revolver

  • Decreased the amount of bullet dispersion applied when aiming down sights
  • Reduced damage fall-off start range to 23m from 35m
  • Reduced damage fall-off end range to 40m from 50m


  • Increased player damage to 110 from 100


  • Decreased damage to 25 from 26

Guardian Turret

  • Decreased health to 280 from 300


  • Increased player damage to 83 from 80

Throwing Knives

  • Decreased the amount of projectile dispersion applied when falling
  • Decreased the amount of projectile dispersion applied when sprinting

Content And Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where certain GPUs would sometimes crash


  • Fixed an issue where crossplay settings would not be respected when the player was in a party
  • Updated matchmaking configuration in Tournament and Ranked Tournament modes, to help ensure closer matches by skill-rating

Additionally, in response to community feedback and data analysis, Embark Studios has announced an upcoming overhaul for the “Recon Senses” ability, particularly for the Medium build. This indicates the studio’s commitment to continuous improvement and player satisfaction.

With its engaging gameplay and dynamic environments, The Finals continues to captivate the FPS community. Update 1.5.5 demonstrates Embark Studios’ dedication to balancing gameplay and addressing community concerns. As players gear up for Season 2, these changes are sure to keep the excitement and competition at an all-time high.

Stay tuned for more updates as The Finals prepares to launch its second season on March 13 with new content, including weapons, maps, and game modes.

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