The Finals players fight back against "unfair" negative reviews on Steam 1

In the world of first-person shooters, a new contender has emerged, challenging the norms and captivating audiences. Yet, not every player seems satisfied with the revolutionary new FPS, and that’s left fans of the game outraged.

“The Finals,” developed by Embark Studios, has quickly become a topic of heated discussion in the gaming community. Despite its impressive peak of 242,399 players on Steam and a steady average of 173,167 players since its release on December 8, the game has become the center of a controversy regarding its Steam reviews.

With 73% of its 30,764 reviews being positive, one might expect a general sense of satisfaction. However, a vocal segment of the game’s fanbase is expressing frustration, arguing that these reviews don’t do justice to the game’s innovative features and exhilarating gameplay.

A New Era in FPS Gaming

“The Finals” sets itself apart with a unique concept: a combat entertainment game show where players vie for fame and riches.

Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, the game has introduced a fresh take on the FPS genre. It offers various game modes like “Bank-It,” “Unranked Tournament,” “Ranked Tournament,” “Quick Cash,” and “Practice Range,” each designed to provide a diverse and engaging experience.

The game’s dynamic and interactive maps, including locations like Seoul, Monaco, and Skyway Stadium, offer different challenges and strategies, keeping the gameplay fresh and unpredictable. Season 1 has already brought new maps, updates, and features like reload and inspect animations, emoticons, gestures, pets, sounds, watches, and a battle pass with new cosmetics.

Why Fans Are Rallying for Fairer Reviews

Fans argue that the game’s unique selling points are being overlooked. “The Finals” is praised for its team-based strategy, variety of weapons and gadgets, and the ability to tailor playstyles. The game’s realistic destruction mechanics allow players to exploit and alter their environments, adding a unique twist to the traditional FPS format.

A passionate player, Will from Work, defends the game ardently in a YouTube video, highlighting its innovative gameplay, balanced classes, and the sheer fun of its chaotic and dynamic environments. He points out that the game’s moments are unique, akin to “only in Battlefield” experiences, but for “The Finals.”

“I’m glad to see you made a video on this, the steam reviews really hurt the game’s image and most players will already establish a idea of the game before they even play it, which is bad,” one player shared.

The controversy stems from the belief that negative reviews on Steam are overshadowing the game’s positive aspects. Fans feel that these reviews are mostly unfair and don’t reflect the game’s true potential and the enjoyment it offers. They argue that the game deserves more love and recognition for its groundbreaking approach to FPS gaming.

“One of the best FPS games I’ve played in years, I was shocked that the game had only mostly positive reviews. It deserves much better,” another added.

As “The Finals” continues to evolve, with its developers actively updating and adding new content, its community remains hopeful that more gamers will recognize its value. The call is for fairer reviews that truly reflect the game’s innovative nature and the thrilling experiences it offers.

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