Tekken 8 leaks hint at story expansion DLC 1

A recent Tekken 8 leak may have hinted that the game could reveal new information regarding certain characters soon.

According to u/Trem45 at the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, Bandai Namco will release a story expansion DLC for its newly released action fighting game, Tekken 8. The alleged DLC will explain how Jun Kazama, Jin’s mother, survived her encounter with Ogre before the events of Tekken 3. 

Tekken 8 players may recall that the game briefly explained Jun’s disappearance during the game’s story mode and in the introduction to Jun’s character episode. However, neither elaborated on how she survived and escaped Ogre’s surprise attack on Yakushima. 

If the leaks are to be believed, the expansion story DLC coming to Tekken 8 will explain exactly how Jun did it; it could even let players play as her in her own “mini” story mode. Interestingly, Trem45’s post also included pictures of Jun possibly waking up in the shrine in Yakushima, presumably sometime after Ogre’s attack.

Jun’s “mini” story mode could also reveal her whereabouts post-Tekken 3, which would explain a lot considering she was absent for four of the series’ canon games since her Tekken 2 appearance – from Tekken 4 to Tekken 7. Meanwhile, Asuka Kazama replaced Jun as the series’ Kazama-style Karate practitioner when she debuted in Tekken 5. 

Tekken 8 leaks hint at story expansion DLC 2
Photo Credit: Bandai Namco

Trem45’s post also included pictures of Leo Kliesen, a character who debuted on Tekken 6, meeting up with their father, Kilas Kliesen, in an unknown location – a significant event to those familiar with Leo’s character lore. 

Leo fans may remember that Niklas, a spelunker and archeologist, disappeared on an expedition when they were still a child. Niklas also taught Leo Baji Quan, which Leo utilizes in-game. 

While the pictures of Leo and their father don’t give too much information, they could hint that Leo will also have a “mini” story mode of their own. It could explain their motivations in fighting G Corporation and Kazuya Mishima. 

Tekken fans may remember that Leo’s Tekken 6 profile stated that they believe that Kazuya is the most likely suspect in their mother’s death, setting Leo on his current path. Whether Leo’s “mini” story mode will feature him sharing his grief and thoughts with their father is something only time can tell.

Regardless, Tekken fans should take the leak and the pictures included with it into consideration until Bandai Namco officially releases information regarding it. Until then, information about the leaks, such as its pricing, is speculation at best. 

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