Tekken 8 developer Bandai Namco has released a statement regarding the errors gamers encounter when they’re about to play an online match.

According to the game developer’s post on the official Tekken 8 Twitter page, it is experiencing errors during online matches and spectating in Tekken 8 due to a high user concentration connecting to matching and competitive servers. 

A report from MP1st mentioned that most reports Tekken 8 players made seemingly occurred when players are matchmaking online, regardless of game mode and connection quality between players. The problem doesn’t seem to be platform-specific – console and PC players are also experiencing the same issues. At the time of MP1st’s initial reporting, Bandai Namco was yet to address players’ concerns on Tekken 8.

Nevertheless, Bandai Namco assured Tekken 8 players it is actively working on resolving the issue and that it will give an update as soon as possible. The game developer’s statement follows the woes players expressed earlier online regarding the difficulty of getting into an online match. 

It is worth noting that Bandai Namco recently released Tekken 8 to the public. As such, the problem could be due to the servers being unable to manage the number of players worldwide who are excited to play the game.

A quick look at Tekken 8’s Steam Chart player count shows that 36,857 players are in-game as of press time and that there are around 50,000 players during its all-time peak. 

Tekken 8 Devs Respond As Unexpected Server Overload Impacts Online Matches 1
A graph of Tekken 8’s player count on Steam. Photo Credit: SteamDB

The problem with Tekken 8’s servers comes as a surprise to the gaming community – various gaming media sites have mostly lauded the online experience Tekken 8 provides. This praise is due to the game’s improved online experience when compared to its predecessor, Tekken 7. However, it is possible that the servers – at the time – weren’t as populated are they are now, as MP1st pointed it, giving them the the best possible experience for their reviews.

Unfortunately, because the problem is on Bandai Namco’s servers, there is little Tekken 8 players can do to fix the situation aside from waiting for the game developer to fix its servers. However, Tekken 8 players using a Steam Deck could bypass the crashes everyone else experiences when trying to connect to an online match. 

The trick for Steam Deck players to play Tekken 8 online and avoid crashes is to switch to either Proton Hotfix or ProtonGE during cutscenes. To do so, they should do the following: 

  1. Select Tekken 8
  2. Press the options button over the game
  3. Go to Properties and then select compatibility
  4. Select Proton Hotfix or ProtonGE from the drop-down menu that appears.

Meanwhile, other players could play Tekken 8 in offline mode while waiting for Bandai Namco to fix its servers. Regardless of its online capabilities, Tekken 8 is an action-fighting game that features a variety of single-player content, training tools, and a plot for gamers to enjoy. 

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