TFT Teamfight Tactics hits mobile devices

Teamfight Tactics is scheduled to come to mobiles in March, with developer Riot Games announcing a closed beta coming in the next few weeks.

Some countries will gain access to the closed beta, expanding over the weeks following. Android users can pre-register on the Google Play Store while Apple users can sign up for updates.

What to expect

In most countries, Teamfight Tactics will be cross-platform. This means shared rank, inventories, and progression. Existing players can sign in with your Riot Account and you will get all your Little Legends and other content. Anything you earn on mobile will, likewise, carry over to your PC version.

Due to the sharing, Riot wants to keep it similar so whether you are playing on PC or mobile, it will still feel the same. Neither platform should feel like a disadvantage or advantageous to play on, it should all be based on where and when you want to play. So players can play on your PC, and then go to bed and continue playing on a mobile device.

The existing League of Legends client, currently how you gain access to Teamfight Tactics on PC, is not mobile-friendly. As such, Riot has created a new client specifically for Teamfight Tactics on mobile devices. This client will initially support the ranked system and progression pass, as well as socials such as friends and invites, with more coming soon. The store will not be available until an update after the launch.

While trying to remain true to the PC version, there has been a change in visual styles to make the game clearer and easier to use, focusing on creating a brighter and approachable aesthetic.

In-game interface

Once in-game, it should feel mostly the same just with some changes to make it more “finger-friendly” as Riot put it. With a new items inventory panel, to make seeing and using items easier, you will still be able to drag them around like on PC too.

The shop will open and close, with a button to do so (looks like the right side of the screen from the screenshots we’ve seen). This means you can open and close it at will, keeping the battlefield clear to view during each round. The shop will also automatically open at the start of each round, at the top of the screen so you can still manipulate your champions whilst buying and selling. The stage tracker will also only show the time left whilst the Store is open so you have a complete view of the battlefield.

In-game chat would require too large an area, especially with the keyboard involved, so Riot has decided to not support in-game chat on mobile at this time. You will, however, be able to spam emotes with your Little Legend through a dedicated menu.

Other than that, very little else is changing. Riot is clearly passionate about keeping the game the same over the cross-platforms, so gameplay, systems, updates, sets and ranked will stay the same on mobile as it is on PC.

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