Lucian in League of Legends

Now that updates coming to Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends’ Patch 9.20 have been confirmed, Lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer has revealed a ‘spicy’ update is on the way to help gunslingers.

In recent months, gunslingers have taken a back seat to some of the stronger compositions and it’s been increasingly rare to find players working toward builds containing four or six gunslingers.

With the rise of imperial knights, yordle shapeshifters, and wild assassins after Patch 9.19, Gunslingers haven’t had a place in the meta despite the improvements that Miss Fortune received in the latest update.

As it stands right now, one of the only viable builds for players who wish to work Lucian, Jinx, and other gunslingers into their team is to do so by fitting them behind a strong brawler frontline.

But all of this is could be set to change now that Patch 9.20 is set to bring about a significant improvement for players who go deep into their gunslinger builds.

Gunslinger synergy enables basic attacks to have a 50% chance to fire additional bullets at other enemies within range. These bullets deal damage like basic attacks and apply on-hit effects, as well.

  • Two gunslingers: 1 additional random enemy (no change)
  • Four gunslingers: 2 > 3 additional random enemies
  • Six gunslingers: 3 >5 additional random enemies

Gunslinger builds could become viable with Patch 9.20, but it does remain to be seen how they will stand up against the popular and effective assassin builds.

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