Nintendo's Indie World Showcase unveils a vast variety of indie games coming to the Switch this year 1

Amidst the chaos going on in the world at the moment, feel-good Nintendo has released its Indie World Showcase video celebrating 20 anticipated indie releases for their beloved Switch console this year. Six of the titles will be timed console exclusives, launching only on the Switch as their console port for a limited time. 

The showcase video runs at about 19 minutes long, with a member or two of each game’s development team speaking briefly about the premise of their game or simply letting their creation do the talking with only gameplay footage.

Nintendo’s John Vignocchi and Sam Roberston then follow up by adding their own commentary, threading each game together with that coveted official stamp of Nintendo. They highlight the accomplishments and accolades of the development studios and offer a great overview of each game’s genre and core mechanics. 

Players can look forward to exploring and solving puzzles and mysteries in the afterlife in I Am Dead, adventuring through the gorgeously emotive world as a charming Journey-esque character searching for hope and a way home in The Last Campfire, and navigating all the trials of moving with the physics-based couch co-op Moving Out, reminiscent of the highly-acclaimed Overcooked! but this time: with furniture. And these are just a few.

Perhaps the most anticipated game coming as a timed console exclusive is the bullet-hell spin-off, Exit the Gungeon, a comical and chaotic dungeon climber with a welcome cast of familiar faces who can now wear hats. Because what’s not to like about that?

Exit the Gungeon gains a massive update to anticipate its timed exclusive console release for the Switch and is also now available on PC through Steam. It remains on Apple Arcade, having been a timed exclusive there back in September of 2019. 

Nintendo’s efforts to boost indie studios by both allowing them exclusivity on their console and simply making an effort to curate the special ones is immensely commendable. The confidence boost for these developers and the respect that comes with Nintendo’s camaraderie is nothing to sneeze at, and based on the showcase this year, players can remain confident in having access to a variety of international indie games for their Switch to satisfy every mood.

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