Detective Pikachu Returns

The loveable, coffee-addicted, mystery-solving Pikachu is set to return in 2023, this time on your Nintendo Switch.

Detective Pikachu Returns, sequel to the original 3DS adventure, was announced at the recent June Nintendo Direct, catching the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. The game’s release date, revealed along with a vibrant trailer, is slated for October 6, 2023.

In an undeniable upgrade from the Nintendo 3DS version, Detective Pikachu Returns features Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu as they team up for another adventure in a visually stunning, full 3D Pokémon world. What the trailer might have lacked in story specifics, it made up for in promise—a city teeming with mysteries for our detective duo to untangle. And, of course, in keeping with tradition, detective Pikachu still loves his coffee.

Now, let’s be clear. Despite the uncanny similarity to the hit film’s storyline, Detective Pikachu Returns isn’t a sequel to that silver screen success. But, much like the original game, it offers a cinematic adventure that follows protagonist Tim Goodman on his mission to find his missing father in Ryme City.

The gameplay revolves around unraveling mysteries, meeting trainers, and encountering a plethora of Pokémon from all generations. The first game’s unique approach and unconventional portrayal of Pikachu as a loud-mouthed detective—far from the usual adorable, quiet companion—proved a refreshing deviation from the Pokémon formula. This daring approach continues in the sequel, maintaining The Pokémon Company’s streak of shattering expectations of what a Pokémon game can be.

Of course, in keeping with tradition, our detective Pikachu still loves his coffee
Of course, in keeping with tradition, our detective Pikachu still loves his coffee

Nintendo’s announcement was one among a host of other revelations, which included a new 2D Mario game—Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a WarioWare game for the Switch, a remaster of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and more.

Now, fans of the original game will recall the unforgettable voice of the caffeine-obsessed detective. Will Arnett is set to breathe life into Pikachu for the sequel, five years after this unique Pokémon first captivated audiences. Players can expect to encounter newer Pokémon generations along with returning favorites.

Ryme City, where humans and Pokémon coexist harmoniously, beckons for your return.

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