Summit1G and shroud get into heated debate over Valorant’s Raze 1

The discussion regarding Raze, VALORANT’s explosive, rocket launcher-wielding agent, continues to rage on. With the closed beta not even out for a week yet, many players, including several high-profile streamers are already crying for a nerf. 

Jaryd “summit1G” Lazar has been one of the most vocal opponents of the agent, citing her ability to do damage with all four of her abilities. The long time streamer and former Counter-Strike pro ranted about Raze last week during a showmatch against a team of VALORANT developers after continuously falling victim to the agent’s suite of explosive abilities.

Meanwhile, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, has taken up the role of a contrarian, as he’s been continuously preaching patience with regards to a potential nerf.  On Sunday night, shroud added more fuel to the fire with a single Tweet. “Unpopular opinion. Raze is MOSTLY balanced,” the Mixer star said. This got the attention of summit, who responded simply with “Bad take.” Shroud explained his reasoning a little further, putting more emphasis on “mostly.”

But summit wasn’t having it.

Eventually, the two wound up having a heated debate on Discord, with an animated summit asking shroud “You telling me you haven’t died to rockets? How many times you died to rockets?”  

“I’m saying these abilities are utility like in CS,” shroud said. 

An incredulous summit looks at the camera, mouth agape, shouting “You cannot say a f*cking bazooka is utility, shroud! It’s a bazooka, man!”   

The debate eventually ended with the two agreeing to disagree, but all in all, shroud is definitely in the minority here. However, Guy “Dr DisRepect” Beahm might have his back, as he tweeted his support, saying, “I agree. 99% of those that disagree are playing the game at non pro level. But us, Shroud, we know.”  

It remains to be seen how Riot will handle Raze as VALORANT’s closed beta continues to roll on throughout the coming weeks and months.

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