Building an outpost in Starfield

In the vast universe of Starfield, leveling up is a crucial aspect of enhancing your gameplay experience. One of the most efficient methods to farm XP involves setting up an outpost and crafting adaptive frames.

This guide will walk you through the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Efficient XP Farming

In Starfield, XP (experience points) are vital for character progression. Efficient XP farming can significantly speed up your leveling process, allowing you to unlock new abilities and enhancements faster.

1. Setting Up the Right Outpost:

  • Choose a location rich in Aluminum and Iron, as these are the primary resources required.
  • The outpost’s location is crucial. Ideally, find an area where both resources are abundant.
  • Set up an industrial workbench within the outpost.

2. Crafting Adaptive Frames:

  • With the right resources, access the industrial workbench.
  • Craft adaptive frames. Each frame you craft earns you one XP.
  • The more resources you have, the more frames you can craft at once. For instance, crafting 99 frames will grant you 99 XP instantly.

3. Optimizing Your Ship for XP Farming:

  • Modify your ship, such as the Frontier, to accommodate a workbench.
  • The reason for having a workbench on your ship is the vast carrying capacity of your character. This ensures you can craft a significant number of frames without being encumbered.
  • Additionally, have a bed on your ship. This allows you to rest and reset the crafting process swiftly.

4. Selling Adaptive Frames for Credits:

  • Apart from XP, each adaptive frame you craft can be sold for three credits.
  • This not only boosts your XP but also enhances your in-game wealth.

Tips for Maximum Efficiency

  • Resource Management: Ensure you have a steady supply of Aluminum and Iron. This ensures uninterrupted crafting.
  • Ship Setup: Modify your ship to reduce the distance between resource collection, crafting, and resting. This speeds up the entire process.
  • Rinse and Repeat: Once set up, repeat the crafting process as many times as needed to farm XP.

In Starfield, efficient XP farming can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. By setting up the right outpost, optimizing your ship, and crafting adaptive frames, you can level up faster and enjoy the game’s advanced features sooner.

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