Paradiso Quest

In the vast expanse of Starfield, players are finding themselves at a moral crossroads, questioning the immortality of certain characters and the lack of realistic options in pivotal story moments.

The situation in question revolves around the executives of Paradiso, a resort on Porrima 2, who seem to be operating above the laws of both the United Colonies (UC) and Freestar Collective (FC).

Players are presented with three stark choices: enslave the settlers, buy them a grav drive and send them away, or commit murder. The top executive, with a blatant disregard for human life, makes it clear that the latter is the preferred and most cost-effective option. However, players looking to take matters into their own hands and eliminate the execs are met with an unexpected roadblock – the executives are inexplicably immortal.

This revelation has left many players feeling frustrated and disillusioned, as it shatters the immersion of the game. One player expressed their disappointment, stating, “Well… immersion ruined. Strange how that wasn’t an option…” This sentiment is echoed throughout the community, with players seeking more realistic and morally satisfying resolutions to the dilemma.

The community has been vocal about the need for additional options, such as sharing the planet, involving UC and FC in negotiations, or even turning the new colony into a lucrative tourist attraction. These alternatives would not only provide a more balanced and ethical solution but also add depth and realism to the game’s narrative.

One player suggested, “Ideally the compromise should be that they share the planet from opposite sides,” highlighting the desire for a peaceful resolution that benefits all parties involved. Another player expressed their wish for a quest to unearth old records from Earth’s moon, providing undeniable proof of the settlers’ claim to the land.

Despite these suggestions, the current state of the game leaves players with a sense of unfulfillment and a longing for what could have been. The questline’s potential remains untapped, with many feeling that it was cut short, leaving a trail of unanswered questions and missed opportunities.

In the end, the immortality of Paradiso’s executives stands as a stark reminder of the limitations within the game, leaving players to ponder the true cost of progress and the value of a human life in the expansive universe of Starfield.

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