Starfield planet Newton II (By: Dry-Gulch-Slim)

Starfield, Bethesda’s latest space exploration game, has been a journey of highs and lows for its players.

Some passionate Starfield fans are finding themselves at a point of exhaustion, citing repetitive gameplay elements and incessant loading screens as major detractors from the experience.

One player expressed their frustration on Reddit, saying, “I load it up and want to explore but the idea of loading screen, the same 5 POIs, loading screens… It’s exhausting.”

This sentiment reflects a growing concern among the Starfield community about the game’s failure to deliver a seamless space exploration experience.

The game’s promise of exploring the vastness of space has been overshadowed by the reality of its gameplay loop.

Players are finding the exploration aspect less engaging than anticipated, with comments like, “Ohh there is an undiscovered poi 900m out…. f*** I don’t want to walk that far,” highlighting the tedium of traversing the game’s vast landscapes.

Another point of contention is the underutilization of in-game elements, such as vehicles at outposts, which players feel could add more dynamism to the exploration process.

“I’ve seen vehicles at outposts, why can’t we power them up? Go for joyrides,” a player suggested, pointing out missed opportunities for enhancing the gameplay.

The lack of significant rewards also adds to the sense of monotony. Unlike previous Bethesda games, which offered unique equipment and compelling perks, Starfield seems to fall short in providing players with enough incentives to explore.

“There’s not much unique equipment, excess to something compelling,” shared one player, expressing disappointment over the game’s reward system.

Despite these criticisms, some players argue that the OP’s 190 hours of gameplay is more than enough to justify the game’s value. “190 hours? You’ve got more than your money’s worth,” commented a player, suggesting that perhaps it’s time for a break or to explore other games.

Bethesda’s response to these criticisms has been to emphasize the intentional design choices made to reflect the realities of space exploration. However, this approach has not resonated well with all players, leaving some feeling that the game’s vast and detailed universe is more a backdrop than an interactive playground.

While Starfield has made significant strides in creating an expansive space-themed universe, the repetitive gameplay loop and frequent loading screens have left many players feeling more exhausted than exhilarated. The game’s ambitious scope is evident, but the execution in certain aspects has left room for improvement in the eyes of its community.

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