Starfield pickpocketing

Starfield, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, transports players into the limitless realms of space, offering a plethora of adventures and explorations. Today, we are focusing on a fundamental skill in the game: pickpocketing.

Pickpocketing in Starfield is not merely about stealing items; it’s about mastering the art of stealth and precision to enhance your overall gameplay. Whether you are aiming to acquire keys, credits, or unique items, understanding the mechanics of pickpocketing is essential.

This skill is crucial for players who wish to acquire items stealthily and can significantly impact your gameplay experience in Starfield.

How to Master Pickpocketing in Starfield

To begin pickpocketing, you need to unlock a specific skill. Pause the game and navigate to your skills area located at the top right of the interface. Look for the “Theft” skill under the social tab. You will need a free skill point to invest in this category.

The more you pickpocket, the better your skills will become, allowing you to rank up this specific skill, thus increasing your chances of successful pickpocketing.

Improving Stealth and Pickpocketing

Stealth goes hand in hand with successful theft. To improve your stealth, focus on the “Stealth” skill located under the physical tabs. This skill makes you more difficult to detect when sneaking and is pivotal for successful pickpocketing. Like the theft skill, stealth can also be improved over time by performing sneak attacks and ranking up with spare skill points.

Executing a Successful Pickpocket

When attempting to pickpocket, look for isolated individuals and sneak up behind them. Go into sneak mode and approach your target. If you have the stealth skill, a stealth meter will indicate whether you are detected or not.

Hover over a character and select the pickpocket option to view the items they possess. If you are detected, your chances of successful pickpocketing will decrease significantly.

Quick Save is Your Friend

Before attempting to pickpocket, especially important items, use the quick save option. If you fail and get caught, you can reload your quick save and try again. This method allows you to attempt pickpocketing multiple times on the same item until you succeed.

Mastering the art of pickpocketing in Starfield is essential for players looking to acquire items stealthily and enhance their gameplay experience.

By focusing on improving your theft and stealth skills and utilizing the quick save feature, you can significantly increase your chances of successful pickpocketing.

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