Starfield NPC subtitles - how to turn off

Starfield offers an immersive space-faring experience, and for some players, subtitles can be a distraction from the game’s stunning visuals and audio. If you’re looking to turn off the subtitles and fully immerse yourself in the game, this guide is for you.

How to Turn Off Subtitles in Starfield

By default, Starfield has subtitles enabled. While they can be helpful for understanding dialogues and in-game events, some players find them distracting. If you’re among those who prefer a subtitle-free experience, here’s how to disable them.

1. Access the Pause Menu:

  • Press the pause button on your controller to bring up the game’s main menu.

2. Navigate to the System Menu:

  • Look at the bottom of the screen and select the “System” option, which might correspond to pressing the pause button again.

3. Enter the Settings:

  • Once inside the System Menu, scroll down and select the “Settings” option.

4. Locate the Accessibility Settings:

  • While you might expect the subtitle settings to be under “Interface” or “Audio,” they are actually located under “Accessibility.”

5. Adjust Subtitle Settings:

  • Inside the Accessibility settings, you’ll find two subtitle options:
    • General Subtitles: These are the subtitles that appear while you’re exploring the game.
    • Dialogue Subtitles: These appear during character dialogues.
  • To turn off subtitles, toggle off both options.

6. Save and Exit:

  • Once you’ve adjusted the settings to your preference, navigate away from the current option to save your changes.
  • Use the “Back” button (as indicated at the bottom right of the screen) to exit the menus and return to the game.

With subtitles turned off, you can now enjoy Starfield without any on-screen distractions. Remember, if you ever want to turn them back on or adjust other game settings, the process is just as simple. Dive deep into the universe of Starfield and enjoy every moment.

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