How to Target Engines in Starfield: Guide 1

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, ship combat is an exhilarating experience. One of the most strategic moves you can employ is targeting an enemy ship’s engines.

This guide will walk you through the process of effectively targeting engines, ensuring you have the upper hand in space battles.

Step-by-Step Guide to Engine Targeting

In Starfield, targeting an enemy ship’s engines can be a game-changer. By disabling their engines, you can immobilize them, making boarding and looting a breeze. But how do you target engines effectively? Let’s dive in.

1. Acquiring the Necessary Skill:

  • Pause the game and navigate to the skills section.
  • Look for the skill “Targeting Control Systems.” This skill is essential for targeting specific ship systems.
  • As you progress, you can rank up this skill to enhance your targeting capabilities.

2. Initiating Target Lock:

  • Engage in ship combat and locate your enemy.
  • Press ‘A’ on Xbox (or ‘E’ on PC) to initiate a target lock. Ensure the enemy ship is centered in your reticle.
  • Once locked, press ‘X’ on Xbox (or ‘R’ on PC) to target specific ship systems.

3. Navigating Ship Systems:

  • Use the left stick on Xbox (or arrow keys on PC) to cycle through the ship’s systems.
  • Target the desired system, such as shields or ballistic weapons, to disable them.
  • For our primary objective, navigate to the ship’s engines.

4. Using EM Weapons:

  • EM (Electromagnetic) weapons are specialized tools that damage ship systems without harming the hull.
  • Once the engines are targeted, use your EM weapon to disable them. This will immobilize the enemy ship, making it vulnerable.

5. Adapting to Enemy Tactics:

  • Be aware that skilled enemies might use boosts to evade your targeting.
  • If they boost away, re-initiate the target lock and continue your assault.

Tips for Successful Engine Targeting

  • Resource Management: Ensure you have a steady supply of ammunition for your EM weapons.
  • Strategic Positioning: Position your ship behind the enemy to target their engines without facing their primary weapons.
  • Quick Reflexes: Be prepared to re-target swiftly if the enemy uses evasive maneuvers.

In Starfield, mastering engine targeting can turn the tide of any space battle. By immobilizing enemy ships, you can board, loot, and even capture them with ease. Practice your targeting skills and dominate the spaceways.

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