Starfield pickpocketing

Starfield, the space exploration action role-playing game by Bethesda Game Studios, allows players to immerse themselves in a universe filled with endless possibilities and adventures. Today, we are focusing on a skill that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and resource acquisition: stealing. This guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough on how to steal effectively in Starfield, ensuring you acquire valuable items without getting caught.

Stealing in Starfield is not just about acquiring items; it’s about mastering the art of stealth and precision to optimize your gameplay. Whether you are aiming to acquire weapons, credits, or unique items, understanding the mechanics of stealing is essential. This guide will elucidate the process of stealing, the skills needed, and how to improve your chances of success.

How to Steal Effectively in Starfield

To start stealing effectively, it is recommended to do a quick save before initiating the stealing process. This allows you to quickly load again in case you get caught. The location used in this guide is UC Supplies in New Atlantis on Jemison, a place filled with valuable items on display.

Investing in Stealth Skill

Before you start stealing, invest at least one skill point in the “Stealth” skill located under the physical tab in the skills area. This skill adds a stealth meter, making it easier to determine when you can steal. The more you use stealth, the more you can rank up this skill, making you more difficult to detect.

Executing a Successful Steal

When stealing, ensure that you are hidden and not detected by any store owner or individual. If detected, your chances of successful stealing will decrease significantly. Look for isolated areas or items out of the line of sight of the store owner. Once hidden, you can start stealing items displayed in the store. If you are caught, you can either pay the fine or load your quick save and try again.

Selling Stolen Items

Once you have successfully stolen items, you can sell them at the Trade Authority, a place that buys stolen items. It is crucial to sell stolen items before getting caught to avoid confiscation. When selling, look for items with a red icon, indicating that they are stolen. Selling these items can earn you a significant amount of credits quickly.

Mastering the art of stealing in Starfield is crucial for players looking to acquire valuable items and enhance their gameplay experience. By focusing on improving your stealth skills and utilizing the quick save feature, you can significantly increase your chances of successful stealing and avoid getting caught. So, delve into the shadows, be swift, and may your pockets be ever-filled with the treasures of the cosmos!

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