How to Romance Sarah and Unlock the Starcrossed Achievement in Starfield: Guide 1

In the vast universe of Starfield, relationships play a pivotal role in shaping your journey. One such relationship is with Sarah Morgan, a potential companion.

This guide will walk you through the steps to romance Sarah, culminating in a beautiful marriage and unlocking the Starcrossed achievement.

How to Romance Sarah and Unlock the Starcrossed Achievement

In Starfield, as you traverse the cosmos, forming bonds with companions can enhance your experience. Sarah Morgan, a member of the Constellation, offers a unique relationship arc that can lead to a romantic partnership, provided you make the right choices.

1. Building Affinity with Sarah:

  • Ensure Sarah is your active companion throughout the story.
  • Engage in actions and dialogue that align with her values. Sarah appreciates justice, peaceful conflict resolution, praising the Constellation’s work, and exploring new ideas.
  • Avoid actions that she dislikes, such as crime, harming innocents, and working for personal gain.

2. Flirting with Sarah:

  • As you level up Sarah’s Affinity, you’ll unlock the flirt dialogue option.
  • Use this option whenever possible to introduce the idea of a romantic relationship.

3. Key Quest – In Memoriam:

  • Sarah will share her past as a pilot for the United Colonies military and her decision to abandon her comrades.
  • This initiates the “In Memoriam” quest, which is crucial for the romance arc.
  • Travel to the planet Cassiopeia and, at the end of this segment, engage in a conversation near an overlook. Opt for flirtatious and romantic dialogue choices.
  • This leads to a trip to the waterfall in New Atlantis. Ensure you choose romance over friendship during this conversation.

4. Discussing Family:

  • As your relationship deepens, Sarah will initiate a conversation about family.
  • At the end of this discussion, choose the commitment option, signaling your willingness to marry Sarah.

5. The Commitment Mission:

  • Continue building Affinity with Sarah until she initiates the “Commitment” mission.
  • If the mission doesn’t trigger immediately, waiting a few in-game days often helps.
  • Follow the mission to Paradiso, where Aya awaits you.

Tips for a Successful Romance:

  • Play the Good Guy: Align your actions with Sarah’s values to build Affinity.
  • Engage in Key Dialogues: Opt for flirtatious and romantic dialogue choices whenever possible.
  • Complete the In Memoriam Quest: This quest is pivotal for the romance arc, so ensure you complete it when available.

In Starfield, relationships add depth to your interstellar journey. By understanding Sarah’s values and making the right choices, you can forge a romantic bond that culminates in marriage. So, as you explore the cosmos, remember that the heart’s journey is just as important as the journey through the stars.

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