How to Rank Up Skills in Starfield: Guide

In the vast universe of Starfield, your character’s skills are pivotal in shaping your journey. As you progress, you’ll have the opportunity to not only unlock new skills but also rank up existing ones.

This guide will walk you through the steps to rank up your skills, enhancing their effectiveness and your gameplay experience.

How to Rank Up Skills in Starfield

Skills in Starfield represent your character’s abilities, from combat prowess to technical expertise. As you gain experience, you’ll earn skill points that can be used to unlock and rank up these skills, making them more potent and tailored to your playstyle.

1. Accessing the Skills Menu:

  • Press the pause button to access the game’s main menu.
  • Navigate to the “Skills” section.

2. Viewing Skill Challenges:

  • Each skill has an associated challenge that you must complete to rank it up.
  • For instance, a lock-picking skill might require you to successfully pick a certain number of locks.

3. Checking Challenge Progress:

  • In the skills menu, you can view the progress of each challenge.
  • For example, if the challenge is to pick five locks, and you’ve picked two, it will display as “2/5.”

4. Ranking Up a Skill:

  • Once you’ve completed a skill’s challenge, you can rank it up.
  • Select the skill you wish to rank up. If it’s available for ranking up, you’ll see an option like “Rank 2 Available.”
  • Press the indicated button to rank up the skill. This will enhance the skill’s effectiveness.

5. Understanding Skill Benefits:

  • Each skill rank offers specific benefits. For example, ranking up a boost skill might reduce the amount of fuel used by a boost pack.
  • Ensure you read the benefits of each rank to understand how it will impact your gameplay.

Tips for Efficient Skill Ranking

  • Prioritize Key Skills: Depending on your gameplay style, focus on ranking up skills that are most beneficial to you.
  • Complete Challenges: Engage in activities related to specific skill challenges to rank them up faster.
  • Plan Your Progression: Think about the skills you use most often and prioritize ranking them up to maximize their effectiveness.

Ranking up skills in Starfield is more than just progression; it’s about refining your character’s abilities to suit your unique journey. By understanding how to rank up skills, you can tailor your gameplay experience, ensuring every adventure is both challenging and rewarding.

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