How to Get More Resources from Outposts in Starfield: Guide 1

In the vast universe of Starfield, establishing outposts is not just about claiming territory; it’s about harnessing the resources that the cosmos offers.

This guide will walk you through the steps to get the most out of your outposts, ensuring you have a steady supply of essential resources.

How to Get More Resources from Your Outposts in Starfield

In Starfield, resources are the lifeblood of your spacefaring adventures. From building new structures to crafting essential items, resources play a pivotal role. Therefore, ensuring your outposts are located in resource-rich areas is crucial for sustained exploration and survival.

1. Identifying Potential Locations:

  • When scouting for outpost locations, look for areas with multiple resources in close proximity.
  • The resource overview on the left-hand side of the screen displays the spread of resources on a planet or moon.
  • Aim for locations with at least three to four resources, such as Iron, Aluminium, Beryllium, and Helium-3.

2. Studying the Terrain:

  • Different terrains hint at different resources. For instance, reddish terrains might indicate the presence of Iron.
  • Mountain ranges and gaseous areas can also be indicative of specific resources.
  • Use your scanner to get a better understanding of the resources in the vicinity.

3. Setting Up the Outpost:

  • Once you’ve identified a promising location, land and set up your outpost.
  • Ensure your outpost covers the maximum number of resource nodes to optimize extraction.

4. Using the Scanner:

  • Activate your scanner to get a detailed breakdown of the resources in the area.
  • The scanner will highlight resource nodes, making it easier to plan your extraction operations.

5. Adjusting Outpost Placement:

  • If you find that your outpost isn’t covering all the desired resources, consider moving it.
  • You can also rename your outpost for better organization.

Tips for Efficient Resource Extraction

  • Diversify Your Outposts: Instead of focusing on one resource, aim for outposts that offer a mix of resources.
  • Revisit and Adjust: As you explore, you might find better resource nodes. Don’t hesitate to move your outpost if needed.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check the resource overview to stay updated on the resources available in your outposts.

In Starfield, the universe is rich with resources waiting to be tapped. By strategically placing your outposts and optimizing resource extraction, you can ensure a steady supply of materials for all your spacefaring needs. Remember, in the vastness of space, every resource counts.

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