How to Fix the Spinning Circle Bug in Starfield: Guide 1

Starfield offers players a vast universe to explore, but like any expansive game, it’s not without its quirks. One such issue players have encountered is the spinning circle bug when trying to edit an outpost.

This guide provides a simple solution to this frustrating problem.

How to Fix the Spinning Circle Bug in Starfield

While building or editing an outpost in Starfield, you might encounter a spinning circle icon that prevents you from making any changes. This bug can be particularly vexing, especially when you’re in the middle of customizing your outpost. Fortunately, there’s a workaround.

1. Identifying the Bug:

  • When attempting to edit an outpost, you might see a spinning circle icon.
  • This icon prevents you from navigating or making any changes in the edit mode.

2. Temporary Solution Without Exiting:

  • Without entering the full build mode, you can still make some edits.
  • In this view, you can move and adjust certain components like the scan booster.
  • However, the spinning circle will reappear if you try to enter the full edit mode.

3. Permanent Solution:

  • Initiate a quick save. On Xbox, press the menu button or navigate to the system option and select “Quick Save.”
  • Once the game has saved, go back to the system menu.
  • Select “Load” and then load your recent quick save.
  • This action seems to refresh the game and resolve the bug, at least on the Xbox Series X.

4. Verifying the Fix:

  • After loading your quick save, try to edit the outpost again.
  • You should now be able to navigate and make changes without encountering the spinning circle.

While Starfield is a vast and intricate game, bugs are bound to pop up from time to time. The spinning circle bug can be a minor setback, but with the steps outlined above, you can quickly get back to customizing your outpost and exploring the universe. Remember, the game is still in its early stages, and many of these issues will likely be addressed in future updates.

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  1. I have a spinning icon, but what I get is a black screen with no ability to do anything except shut done. Sitting down and restart, and resuming the game takes me back to the same place. I can get to other games but not to Starfield.

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