New Atlantis in Starfield

In the sprawling universe of Starfield, taking care of your health is paramount. The New Atlantis Doctor is a crucial character that can provide medical assistance, healing, and supplies.

This guide will walk you through the steps to locate the doctor and make the most of the medical services offered.

How to Find the New Atlantis Doctor in Starfield

In Starfield, as you traverse the vast cosmos, you might encounter situations where your health is compromised. Whether it’s due to hostile encounters or environmental hazards, having access to medical assistance can be a lifesaver. The New Atlantis Doctor is your go-to for all medical needs.

1. Starting Point: New Atlantis Landing Area

  • Begin at the New Atlantis landing area near your ship.
  • Head forward towards the New Atlantis Transit.

2. Taking the Transit:

  • Approach the New Atlantis Transit and select the option to travel to the MAST district.
  • Enjoy a brief transit ride to your destination.

3. Navigating the MAST District:

  • Upon arrival, head upwards and take a right at the top of the slope.
  • Continue towards the residential district.
  • Look for the “Reliant Medical Center” sign, which indicates you’re close to the doctor’s location.

4. Entering the Medical Center:

  • Inside the medical center, navigate to the “Doctor Office/Diagnosis Room.”
  • Here, you’ll find the New Atlantis Doctor ready to assist you.

Making the Most of the Doctor’s Services:

1. Healing Services:

  • The doctor can heal your wounds for a fee (e.g., 400 credits).
  • This service is especially useful if you’ve sustained significant damage or have status effects.

2. Medical Supplies:

  • The doctor offers a range of medical supplies for purchase.
  • From med packs, which are essential for on-the-go healing, to specific solutions for status effects, the doctor has you covered.
  • It’s a good idea to stock up on these supplies, especially if you’re planning a long journey or expect to face challenges.

3. Pharmaceutical Lab:

  • Next to the doctor’s office, you’ll find a pharmaceutical lab.
  • This lab can be used to craft or purchase various medical items, enhancing your medical toolkit.

In Starfield, your health is your most valuable asset. By locating the New Atlantis Doctor and utilizing the medical services offered, you can ensure that you’re always in top shape, ready to face whatever the universe throws your way.

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