Docking ships in Starfield

In the vast universe of Starfield, docking your ship at space stations or other ships is a fundamental skill. Whether you’re looking to trade, refuel, or simply explore, understanding the docking process is crucial.

This guide will walk you through the steps to dock your ship seamlessly.

How to Dock Your Ship in Starfield

Docking in space is more than just parking your ship; it’s an art. In Starfield, you’ll encounter various space stations and ships, each with its own docking protocols. Let’s dive into the process to ensure you can dock like a pro.

1. Set Your Destination:

  • As you approach a space station or another ship, select it. This can typically be done using the ‘A’ button on a controller or the ‘E’ key on PC.
  • Once selected, you’ll see information about the destination, such as its name and distance from you.

2. Approach the Docking Point:

  • Fly towards the space station or ship. As you get closer, you’ll notice a “dock” prompt appearing on your screen.
  • Ensure the destination is selected (using the ‘A’ button or equivalent) to see the docking prompt.

3. Initiate the Docking Sequence:

  • Once you’re close enough, the docking command will become available.
  • Hold the ‘X’ button (or the indicated key on PC) to initiate the automatic docking sequence.
  • Enjoy the docking animation as your ship aligns and connects with the space station or ship.

4. Boarding After Docking:

  • After docking, you’ll have the option to board the space station or ship.
  • Press the ‘X’ button (or the indicated key) to board.
  • Once inside, you can explore, trade, or interact with the inhabitants.

5. Undocking:

  • When you’re ready to leave, you can undock from the space station or ship.
  • Select the “undock” option, typically using the ‘Y’ button or the indicated key on PC.

Tips for Successful Docking:

  • Scanning: Before docking, you can scan the space station or ship using the appropriate equivalent. This reveals information about the destination and its resources.
  • Ship Targeting: If you’re trying to dock with another ship, especially one that’s hostile, you might need to disable its control systems first. This can be done using the ship targeting functionality, which requires specific skills to unlock.

Docking in Starfield is a skill that every space explorer should master. With this guide, you’ll be docking at space stations and ships with ease, ensuring smooth and safe travels throughout the universe.

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