How to Complete the Primary Sources Quest in Starfield: Guide 1

In the intricate universe of Starfield, quests are the backbone of your adventure. One such quest, “Primary Sources,” requires you to conduct interviews on behalf of the Settled Systems News Network.

This guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough to ensure you complete this quest efficiently.

How to Complete the “Primary Sources” Quest

In Starfield, information is power. The “Primary Sources” quest tasks you with gathering firsthand accounts for the Settled Systems News Network, shedding light on various stories. Your role? To interview key individuals and relay their accounts back to the network.

1. Initiating the Quest:

  • Travel to Alpha Centauri and land on the planet Jemison.
  • Head to the Commercial District of New Atlantis.
  • Upon arrival, take a left and ascend the ramp. At the top, you’ll find the Settled Systems News Network building.
  • Inside, speak with Nadia, who is stationed behind the desk. Discuss the stories she’s working on and offer to conduct the interviews on her behalf. This will kickstart the quest.

2. Conducting the Interviews:

  • Exit the building and head right to the tram. Fast travel to the Spaceport.
  • Follow the blue markers on your screen to guide you to the interviewees.
  • a. Interview with Theresa:
    • In the well, the first stop is Kay’s house. Inside, you’ll find Theresa. Inform her you’re with the SSNN and proceed with the interview. After gathering the necessary information, move on.
    b. Interview with O’Shea:
    • Head to the Med Bay. O’Shea will be seated on a chair. Repeat the process, informing her of your affiliation with the SSNN and conducting the interview.
    c. Interview with Henrik:
    • Make your way to Apex Electronics.
    • Inside, you’ll find Henrik. Engage in the interview and gather his insights.

3. Reporting Back:

  • Once all interviews are complete, return to the Settled Systems News Network building.
  • Relay the information to Nadia. After discussing the insights from the interviews, she will reward you for your efforts.

Tips for a Successful Quest Completion

  • Follow the Markers: The blue dots on your screen will guide you to each interviewee, ensuring you don’t miss anyone.
  • Engage in Dialogue: While you only need to ask one question to each individual, feel free to explore additional dialogue options for a richer understanding of the story.

In Starfield, quests like “Primary Sources” offer a deeper understanding of the universe and its inhabitants. By gathering firsthand accounts, you not only aid the Settled Systems News Network but also enrich your own journey through the cosmos.

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