How to change FOV in Starfield on PC: Best workaround and mods 1

Starfield has captivated players with its expansive universe and intricate gameplay mechanics. However, one aspect that has left PC players wanting more is the game’s Field of View (FOV) settings—or lack thereof.

The Problem: No Official FOV Slider

FOV can significantly impact your gaming experience. A wider FOV gives you a broader view of the environment, while a narrower FOV can make the game feel more focused but potentially claustrophobic.

While console players might not find this to be an issue, PC gamers are accustomed to having the freedom to adjust the FOV. Unfortunately, Starfield doesn’t offer an official FOV slider, but don’t worry; there’s a workaround that’s easy to implement.

The Workaround: Editing Game Files

  1. Locate the Game Folder: Navigate to Documents/My Games/Starfield on your C drive.
  2. Create a Custom INI File: Create a text file using Notepad and name it StarfieldCustom.ini.
  3. Edit the INI File: Add the following lines to your INI file:


  1. Adjust to Your Liking: The value 100 represents the FOV setting. Feel free to adjust this number to suit your preference.

Alternative: Using Mods

If you’re not comfortable editing game files, various mods can help you adjust the FOV. These mods provide a ready-made .ini file that you can simply drag and drop into your Starfield game files.

See this Starfield FOV mod here on Nexusmods.

Starfield FOV FAQs

Can I change the FOV on console?

Currently, there’s no known way to adjust FOV on consoles.

Is this method safe?

Yes, this is a community-approved method and should not affect your game negatively.

Will Bethesda add an official FOV slider?

While there’s no official statement, it’s likely given the demand from the PC gaming community.

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