Starfield workbench on ship

In the intricate universe of Starfield, customizing your ship is not just about aesthetics but also about functionality. One such crucial addition is the workbench.

This guide will walk you through the process of adding a workbench to your ship.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Workbench

In Starfield, a workbench is an essential tool for crafting, repairing, and upgrading. Having one onboard your ship means you can make modifications on-the-go, enhancing your spacefaring experience.

1. Setting the Destination: Cheyenne System

  • Start from orbit outside Jemison.
  • Access the Starmap and set your course for the Cheyenne system. Alternatively, you can also head to Neon City.
  • Once in the Cheyenne system, navigate to Akila City and land there.

2. Locating Ship Services in Akila City:

  • After landing, head towards Ship Services, which is located nearby.
  • Engage with the vendor inside and express your interest in modifying your ship.

3. Making Space for the Workbench:

  • Select your ship, for instance, the Frontier.
  • Enter the shipbuilder mode and rearrange or remove parts to create space for the workbench.

4. Selecting the Right Workshop Hab:

  • Move away from the ship layout and choose the option to add a new part.
  • Navigate to the habitats section and look for workshop habs.
  • Note: Workshop habs have two bars at the bottom, indicating they can house a workbench.
  • Browse through the available options, considering brands like HopeTech and Stroud.
  • Once you find a suitable workshop hab, select the workshop variant.
  • Place the workshop hab onto your ship layout.

Tips for a Seamless Integration

  • Choosing the Right Location: Ensure the workshop hab is placed in a convenient location on your ship, allowing easy access.
  • Exploring Variants: Different brands offer slightly varied looks for workshop habs. Choose one that aligns with your ship’s aesthetics.

In Starfield, the addition of a workbench to your ship can significantly elevate your gameplay. Whether you’re crafting new tools, repairing damaged equipment, or upgrading existing items, an onboard workbench ensures you’re always prepared.

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